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    Never have i ever ....

    Okaaaay…. I have never done..... Fake nails dyed my hair had braces ran a marathon 4 pts
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    Best way to feel music

    That is the best way to feel the music......
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    Amazon Delivery employees

    Thanks Calvin, I just learn more about this person. The reason she asked for GPS is because she now got a job at Amazon and she have mobile phone but no data plan. She couldn't afford it at the moment. So She need GPS to find nearest free wifi location like Starbucks or whatever and use her...
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    you might want to look into Nest Secure, it's more of DIY installations. Since Nest join Google and they have wide array of Assistive systems. So, if you are using Nest Secure, the Google Assistive support Phillips Hue. If alarm goes off, the Phillips Hue will flashed. What I have is Nest Smoke...
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    Amazon Delivery employees

    Hi Guys! Anyone who work for Amazon that deliver packages and use Amazon truck or van, I'm curious does Amazon truck provide GPS or built in GPS?? Someone asked me if I have any GPS that I no longer use and she need one? I'm puzzled about it.
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    Passed the Comptia A+ 901 and 902!!!

    Congrat Zeroblazer! As message for onecogmind, Zeroblazer will need A+, Network+ and Security+ because many of the job opening position will ask for a requirements... if that person have certifications will have higher chance to get in the job. I see it very frequent asking for this...
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    FIOS One voice command

    I thought I share this funny thing happening days ago. As you may seen it all on TV commercial about how new Xfinity Voice command that you can say thing what you need to look for.... So I thought I test it myself to see if it can pick my deaf voice!! You know when you say something and you...
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    CC woes....

    Over the years when you was watching TV and sometime you saw CC delayed, or missing captions or no captions at all and the biggest enemy is caption showing "TEST TEST TEST" and THAT drive me crazy. You know how difficult to pin point where the CC problem coming from? You know it can be coming...
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    Anti- virus

    LOL, you use Malware? I'll be happy to give you more malware!!!! J/K... you meant Malwarebytes?
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    I am looking for a serious relationship that anyone from Chinese women welcome here

    I wouldn't be surprised there will be another Lorena Bobbit #2
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    Deaf Woman woke up with men working on her roof

    Barbaro, You did good, it's the second one down. Here's the example, smoke alarm right? Family live in the house and some went out for the evening. Suddenly the house was on fire due to faulty repair on electrical systems day before. One person died in the house. Firefighter put the fire out...
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    Deaf Woman woke up with men working on her roof

    I'm sure you heard the rumor by now. For those who didn't, click the link below, from Daily Moth, watch it at the end of the video at 14:35 and tell me if you believe there's something wrong with it?
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    Noises or sounds.

    Farts..... ok...who did it??!!!
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    Is it normal....

    Yeah, I see that more and more...I think one is Comcast, well now...Xfinity.... also you can do that on Fios Router. Sadly, I have to set one up for my father. I set it up as Whitelist only. He only allow to access to certain location. He cannot access to any other sites. Due to his dementia...
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    What is?

    You know few years ago that I mentioned about how to get a real proof that is it really him or her on online dating. I love collecting scammers, only anything that is online, like Hangouts, forums, online dating etc..... cuz I love to ask them to send me a pictures per my instructions, and...
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    "Help! I've fallen and can't get up"

    The other option is to purchase few security cameras to set it up in living room, family room, dining room, kitchen, and sibling will receive a notification that there's a motion in the house. Which means that either mom or dad is alive and walking around. If it become quiet and suspicious then...
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    Medical in ASL like WebMD?

    Never mind. Found it. It's
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    Medical in ASL like WebMD?

    Hey Everyone! Need help here, I have been looking for a website that show health question to answer in ASL like WebMD. I saw it long time ago and now I can't remember the name of the site. Do you know the name? Thanks!
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    Is it normal....

    Oh one additional thing that it would be nice is to have 2 factor authentication added to the Guest network. That way anytime when you have guest over and you can give the Guest password and set the 2 factor authentication for certain number of days. When times up, Guest will no longer able to...