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  1. AlleyCat

    Transferring daughter from CSDR to TSD-Austin-Opinions Please!

    I have no experience with TSD personally, but I have heard so many good things about it. I have friends who moved to Austin for that very reason.
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    Rechargeable Hearing Aids

    My local Walgreens used to have them in plentiful supply. They quit selling them, and I had to ask the manager if they were bringing them back, and they said no. :sad:
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    Toronto Guy here

    Welcome! We have a few IT guys here.
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    Rechargeable Hearing Aids

    From what I understood from a recent visit to my audi, rechargeable HAs are the only kind manufactured now for the ReSounds (which I have.) Not sure if that is true across all brands. I am hard-pressed to find 675s in the stores anymore. I know I can buy them online as I have in the past, but I...
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    What are you thinking about? Part VIII

    Absolutely nothing. Other than enjoying a beautiful day outside even while working.
  7. AlleyCat

    What did you learn today? Part II

    So true.
  8. AlleyCat

    A Thread About Absolutely Nothing! Part III

    I’m looking forward to fall. My favorite season!
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    Which AD'er are you wondering about?

    My response was not to you. It was to Jane B. In response to Bongofski.
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    Mad Jeopardy!

    What @Cappy likes to dance to in his underwear. Coffee
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    Which AD'er are you wondering about?

    Absolutely. And people do. But when people make multiple accounts and pretend to be other people, you have to wonder “Really, you have nothing better to do?” Just be yourself. Most everybody is aware of the connection between Finlander, Woody, The Joker, Rio, and now Bongo, among others. Silly...
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    Deaf twins who discovered they were going blind and would never see each other again

    So true, but this was from 6 years ago. Why would you dig so far back? That’s kinda on you...
  13. AlleyCat

    My Precious Pomeranian "Anita"

    I am so sorry. Furkids are a big part of many people’s lives and hearts. Hugs.
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    Which AD'er are you wondering about?

    Really? Even though you’re a “New Member”? Hmm........
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    Which AD'er are you wondering about?

    If I’m not mistaken, DD and that poster were in some kind of relationship. There’s old posts about this?
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    Which AD'er are you wondering about?

    He’s quacking well :)
  17. AlleyCat

    Post your gas prices Part II

    I saw 2.56 today downtown St. Paul.