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  1. Mudkipz

    Demon's Souls/Dark Souls Discussion Thread

    Has anyone played these games? According to popular belief in the deep gamer realm, these two games are the hardest games to play and definitely ranks along with scariest games too. Available for Xbox360 and PS3. Demon's Souls is supposedly the first one that came before Dark Souls and...
  2. Mudkipz

    Rise of The Planet of The Apes

    What everyone think of it? It was very good and if you had CI/HA, it's a powerful movie, methinks. What about you?
  3. Mudkipz

    What would you do? (This is for everyone!)

    As the title and video says... "What would you do?" when it comes to job discrimination for the Deaf/Hard of hearing?: YouTube - ‪Job Discrimination for the Hearing Impaired, 'What Would You Do?' 2/4/2011‬‏ (Awesome video by the way! Please take your time and watch it!) This is for...
  4. Mudkipz

    Scary driving moments

    YouTube - ‪DO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE‬‏ And check this one out (Warning: Not for the faint of heart) Guys happen to be driving while filming one of the scariest moments of their lives... :-O
  5. Mudkipz

    Taking ASL class (plus is there a FAQ for newcomers?)

    I have many questions, but if you can give me a FAQ, it'd be so great! I'm confused. I want to try taking ASL class next semester and try to like it. It would go toward on completing General Education requirements as second/foreign language, so I can transfer to a uni! Maybe even if I finish...
  6. Mudkipz

    What method/practice/routine did you use to work your way up to "hear"?

    The thread title might need some better rephrasing... :deaf: This thread is for anyone who have any sort of hearing device that helps them to "hear" at life. It's more like what did you do on the day AFTER you have been "activated"/"turned on" with your hearing device? I know that everyone at...
  7. Mudkipz

    Music/Video aftermath...

    Everytime I "listen" to musics or videos on Youtube just for hearing practice, I get this "soft" continuous sound inside my head and It does not go away until like 5 minutes later... It's incredibly annoying as I try to spend my time practicing my hearing "routine" without distractions. It's...
  8. Mudkipz

    Hi from California

    Before I introduce myself, I'd like to say this.. (I copy and pasted my other posting and this looks good without swapping words around!). I was born deaf which is profoundly deaf with no hearing at all (of course). I have been wearing Cochlear since 1997 (I was 5 at the time) and after a while...