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    Made it!

    Made it through the labyrinthectomy! Its been two weeks and the vertigo is finally slowing down and I am feeling better. In fact when the vertigo isn't present it's the best I have felt in 2 years! I am getting use to being deaf in the left ear. It isn't as bad as I thought. Thanks for all the...
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    Going for surgery (labyrintheectomy) on Tuesday at 9:30 am. Happy thoughts for me please ~ Meg
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    Drive thru

    Do deaf people order through the drive thru? If so, how? Just curious what my future holds. I travel a lot and I love Sonic drinks.
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    Deaf vs HOH

    The Dr is gutting my left ear (so it will dead) on the 25th and I am very hard of hearing in my right ear. The hearing aid helps some. So am I deaf or hoh? I don't know what to say it's still so new to me. I meeting deaf people and making friends but I do not know how to label myself AND I do...
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    I have tried posting this 3 times and it gets copied over in 2 mins. Hopefully it will last so I can get some help. Thanks Gentamicin & Labyrinthectomy Has anyone had either of these procedures done? I want to know about the recovery time and side effects. I am nervous and afraid. I am...
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    has anyone had Gentamicin injections? What has your experience like and your recovery?
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    Going deaf @ 28

    My name is Megan and I am going deaf at 28. I have Bi-lateral Meniere's disease. I live in Nashville TN. I want to join the deaf community and I am learning to sign. I am sad and frustrated with my loss however many people tell my how beautiful the deaf community is. I do not have any deaf...