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  1. Evo Dragon

    Installed Paddlie Shifters

    A streetracer kid installed paddle shifters on his own 2015 Mazda 3 hatchback. That's how I installed it myself at home.
  2. Evo Dragon

    Installed Paddlie Shifters

    Oh, Calvin..
  3. Evo Dragon

    Installed Paddlie Shifters

    Umm.. Do you have "Sport Mode" switch on your transmission? I have sport mode is faster speed but, not gas-saving as too loud engine.
  4. Evo Dragon

    Installed Paddlie Shifters

    My plan to order custom paddle shifters imported from Japan.
  5. Evo Dragon

    Installed Paddlie Shifters

    Aw, Calvin. That paddle shifter drive just like manual transmission. It's faster speed much better than automatic transmission for lazy driver. Lol
  6. Evo Dragon

    Installed Paddlie Shifters

    Anyone who drove with paddle shifters experience? I upgraded and installed paddle shifters switches on my 2017 Mazda 6 Touring trim sedan.
  7. Evo Dragon

    Deaf Expo event at Central Florida 2019

    "It's A Deaf Thing" deaf expo On Oct. 5, 2019 at Lakeland, Florida
  8. Evo Dragon

    Meeting Deaf people

    Jeez.. Good luck with a scammer
  9. Evo Dragon

    Where is everyone from?

    I used to live in California for many years. I moved in Florida for new life. My first experience of 2017 IREA hurricane survive. I didn't know about my new house has hurricane-proof. I'm alive and well.. Phew.. I feel like I'm a third pig of brick house. A bad wolf try to blow my house.
  10. Evo Dragon

    285 Deaf Street Festival

    You have to check facebook and waiting for if update new 2020-2021 event.
  11. Evo Dragon

    Glide Deaf Community Group Chats

    I don't like download any app on my iPhone. They can steal your phone number and tracking your location. So, You never use Sorenson Videophone or ZVRS or Purple VRS before?
  12. Evo Dragon

    Swinging (partner swapping)

    Wow.. what an idiot scammer....
  13. Evo Dragon


    Try Deaf Nation Expo at Staten Island, New York on Sept. 27 to 28, 2019
  14. Evo Dragon

    Funny Gifs/Pics

  15. Evo Dragon

    Old member here

    Welcome back, you beat me I'm ADer since 2010. :thumb: Yeah, I heard news about that storm at Midwest. I always keep eye on weather news for early warning hurricane season. I just bought some survival kits. My first experienced 2017 hurricane IRMA during I moved in Florida for new life from...
  16. Evo Dragon

    Deaf, hearing relationships

    @korey.. You post every thread. You sound like your visa has been expired? hurry for get marry before you might get deported by agents?
  17. Evo Dragon


    He use his time machine for looking old news? smh...
  18. Evo Dragon

    Anti- virus

    I used Malware. It's okay. I switched LifeLock with Norton anti-virus for identity thief protection as fraud victim who hack in my iPhone, PC and iPad and plus VPN private internet on any public Wi-Fi access.
  19. Evo Dragon

    Deaf Woman woke up with men working on her roof

    I hired a Lowie's contractor for install ceiling fans at my house but, They never come or late for 2 weeks. I fired them! They are poor service. So, I use a home advisor app on my iPhone for easy communicate with text and email. I hired them.