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    Going deaf and looking for someone to "spar" with.

    Do you know sign language? How do you get started with something like that?
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    Horse Racing

    Anyone interested in horse racing? The Kentucky Derby is approaching.
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    Horse Racing

    Is anyone interested in horse racing? The Kentucky Derby is approaching.
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    Do you wear hearing aids?
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    Hi Everyone!

    Hello! Whats happening Kashii?
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    Hi Everyone!

    I deal with two hearing aid places. One deals with Oticon and Phonak and the other one is strictly Siemens. Oticon wasn't any good for me, at least the one they recommended. Should I try the Phonak or the Siemens? These places get all mad if things don't work out. It's a frustrating...
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    Boston ma

    What is your story? Are you deaf? Do you wear hearing aids?
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    Urgent request

    There is software available and I believe some can be downloaded for free off the internet. It can become a little complicated though. Your family members TTY would have to be equipped with ASCII and your computer would have to be equipped with a modem or you would need an external modem that...
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    Why I don't like most hearing males?

    I struggle to hear even with a hearing aid. The HOH tag is basically BS. I rely mostly on lip reading because I am still functioning in the mainstream society where very few are using ASL. Am I wrong to assume that most of the Deaf Culture who use ASL are dropouts from the mainstream society?
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    Advice on hearing aids please;)

    If you are financially embarrassed, get the one fixed and give yourself more time to get the money together to buy new ones. I would say BTE's is your best option.
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    Advice on hearing aids please;)

    On my Siemens Motion hearing aid once you hear the beeps your battery is dead! Could that be adjusted to give you an earlier warning? It happened to me a few times when I was out with people and I had no extra batteries with me.
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    Lost one of my hearing aids - what next?

    I was living in an apt in a 2 family house. The owner decided to sell the building. Almost every night I had the realtor bring people around to look at the apt. At that time I had an old Siemens in the ear hearing aid with no backup. Each night I would put my hearing aid on my kitchen table...
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    Tramadol now classified a narcotic, thinking of quitting pain killers

    It looks like you will be in physical therapy yourself. Are they giving you any pain medications ? Best of luck with your recovery.
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    Tramadol now classified a narcotic, thinking of quitting pain killers

    Thanks for the link. You gotta laugh though. Tramadol is actually synthetic. A synthetic narcotic, is that possible?
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    Hi Everyone!

    Do you know anything about the Siemens Nitro? Someone here said they upgraded from the Phonak Naida to the Siemens Nitro. I read up on both and they seem similar but from different companies.
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    Apple Cider Vinegar by Bragg

    Rio, use the apple cider vinegar in moderation. Too much will take calcium from your bones.
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    Tramadol now classified a narcotic, thinking of quitting pain killers

    Believe it or not people have experienced withdrawal symtoms after stopping statins. Tramadol was considered a "narcotic-like" pain reliever by the DEA and FDA. I didn't know they made it official. You're making the right move. Physical therapy will definitely help. Try to get into physical...
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    Siemens Nitro w/miniTek

    I just paired my miniTek to my windows 7 64-bit desk top. It all works fine. What problems were you getting?
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    Hi Everyone!

    Thanks for the recommendation. I'm going to check it out. I also found another Siemens Motion in a box. The one I'm wearing is a Motion S and the one I found is a Motion SX. I guess it's more powerful but I don't think it's tuned right either like the Aquaris.
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    Hello Everyone

    I've been interacting with deaf people all my life but I would like your take on Deaf culture vs Hearing loss people with no experience of interacting with other deaf people. What is your definition of "Deaf culture?"