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  1. crazy

    Single Deaf Father Raising Hearing Daughter

    Heya everyone.... I'm curious.... how many of you are single and raising hearing child(ren)?
  2. crazy

    Why Men-bashing? Women are just as bad!

    I been reading various thread on this site.... seem like there are quite a bit of Men bashing going on. Ok... I understand that there are alot of women are furious that guys goes out and cheat on their lover, get women pregnant then he walk away acting like he is not responsible for it, and so...
  3. crazy

    Deaf Single Parent. How did you do it?

    Alright, here is a interesting post. How many of you are single parent and raising your child(ren) full time? With today society, how did you do it? I'm deaf and yes, I'm a bachelor, never been married, and I been raising my daughter since she was 4. How did that ever happen? Well...
  4. crazy


    Hello everybody.... I'm new here.... thought it would introduce myself. My name is Chris and I been recently classified as "Profound Deaf". I been HOH all my life and my hearing recently been going down lately to the point where I can't hear anymore. BUT>>>>Thats ok! I may be losing my...