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  1. authentic

    Where is everyone from?

    welcome to alldead!
  2. authentic

    Finally! back in here...

    Would you mind to bring me a Russian vodka, and we'll talk.
  3. authentic

    Finally! back in here...

    May I have your passport number and which passport country and phone number so we can talk more.
  4. authentic

    Vibrating Alarm Clock

    I use amazfit watch as my vibration clock, and it has other features like sleep monitor, heart rate monitor, steps count (pretty accurate for me) and few other things, I love it.
  5. authentic

    I am a hearing person, and I want to know more about the deaf community. Would this bother you?

    I would recommend you to attend ASL events near your home area to make new friends instead of seeking friends online.
  6. authentic

    27 years old living with SSD

    What is SSD?
  7. authentic

    Passed the Comptia A+ 901 and 902!!!

    Wow, congratulations, and then Security + next?
  8. authentic

    Looking for fluent speakers to practice with

    did you mean fluent signers?
  9. authentic

    Concerned, can anyone help

    Not fake at all
  10. authentic

    Is it possible to reverse hiatal hernia?

    Next time you can eat a large meal, and go ski on a bumpy downhill ride during the winter time, and downhill cycling during the summer time.
  11. authentic

    Could anyone help me with a hw assignment?

    That would be $80/hour
  12. authentic

    Looking for resorces

    Date a deaf guy ... free BSL lessons for you.
  13. authentic

    Sonic Boom question

    It vibrates, because you're heavy. Stop hurting your alarm clock.
  14. authentic

    Needing deaf roommate in Austin!!

    Living in Florida is not all sunshine—it's flat, has extreme weather (humid, lightning capital of the US, hurricanes, tornadoes), its government is poorly run, sinkholes, large cockroaches, dirty beaches, swim in lake infested with alligators, flat ass (no mountains), too many old people, lack...
  15. authentic

    Samsung Galaxy S10 plus vs iPhone XS Max
  16. authentic

    Noises or sounds.

    I like to hear no sounds. Silent, and peaceful.