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  1. PinkyZebra

    What Is Sign Word For Ipad & Android In Asl?

    I'm looking for new sign for iPad at ASLPro but not there. I watched a several different signs word on YouTube. I'm not sure which is the exact. Which is the correct sign for iPad and android?
  2. PinkyZebra

    Ingress Game

    I am curious is any deaf/hoh playing on ingress? I tried to look for Deaf play on ingress. I found it nothing. The most is hearing people are playing on ingress. I love to play ingress on portals and make a link and control fields on Intel map.
  3. PinkyZebra

    Dispatch Centers to accept 911 texts for Deaf/HOH

    That's awesome to use 911 text for emergency. Dispatch centers to accept 911 texts | WANE
  4. PinkyZebra

    FCC plans $119 million fine alleged false billing cal trs provider

    FCC Plans $11.9M Fine For Alleged False Billing By Cal. TRS Provider |
  5. PinkyZebra

    Do you have an allergy to pollen?

    I'm enjoying the Spring through Fall season. At least I have an allergy to pollen and have a nose runny, eye tears, mild sore throat and sneezing. I tried to get an allergy medicines. That is not working for me. My mom will bring me some Zyrtec to get rid of sympton. I never try Zyrtec...
  6. PinkyZebra

    Dog peed and poops in toilet

    Wow! Dog can pee in toilet. That is funny!
  7. PinkyZebra

    Deaf rights: what do when dealing with police That is awesome Vlogs from Marlee Matlin.
  8. PinkyZebra

    Favorite/Dislike School Subjects

    I want it make a new thread. What is your favorite and dislike school subject at Elementary School through High School. This is for fun. I will start it mine. Favorite: Art World Geography Social Studies World History Earth Science Biology Physics Math general Multi-media Lab English...
  9. PinkyZebra

    Yellowstone Animals Fleeing Park Supervolcano Eruption Imminent?

  10. PinkyZebra

    Happy April Fool Day!!!

    What kind of your jokes? This is for fun! My joking is "I won the lottery and my our family are going move to Hawaii and plus I'm pregnant with triplets." :laugh2:
  11. PinkyZebra

    Pushing Science’s Limits in Sign Language Lexicon I don't know what to say. I like to listen your opinion view this article.
  12. PinkyZebra

    Smoking Vapes as an E-cigsrettes

    Curious.... Do you smoking cigarettes or smoking vapes? I'm non smoker tobacco. I like to smoking Vape with fruits liquid. That is smell so good.
  13. PinkyZebra

    ASLPro apps?

    I like to use ASLPro to check the main in sign words. I tried to look for ASLPro apps for Ipad. Unfortunately the apple store do not have an ASLPro apps.
  14. PinkyZebra

    Left out of family conversations

    Left Out of Family Conversations | Being Human, Being Deaf & Everything in Between That is how I felt with my hearing family. :(
  15. PinkyZebra

    How can I make a big attachment?

    I tried to make a big attach on the thread like Authentic. I don't remember how to make a big attach. I don't like the small attach thumbnail. Please can you help me. So I will remember. Thank you.
  16. PinkyZebra

    Chicken Wings ice Cream

    :eek3: Would you try a new flavor of Chicken Wings Ice Cream? :laugh2:
  17. PinkyZebra

    CI & HA decorations

    I remember that JennyB posted a pictures of her BTEs decoration thread. I decided to make a new thread of CI & HA decorations. I love that group of A Pimping your cochlear implant and hearing aids in UK on Facebook. You can share a pictures of your CI & HA and post on thread for FUN...
  18. PinkyZebra

    Do you allow your kids use iPad?

    I let him use my iPad for preschool apps, rainbow reading, oral motor to help him develop his speech because he is hearing, learning sign languages apps. He love to play the games apps, drawing and arts on iPad. He is crazy about learn US map and world geography on iPad. I've heard about all...
  19. PinkyZebra

    Mapped: What each state is worst at

    I found it through Facebook. MAPPED: What each state is worst at
  20. PinkyZebra

    Superhero Vision coming in graphemes contact lenses

    Wow! What do you thinking? Please comments here. Superhero Vision Coming in Graphene Contact Lenses? : Discovery News