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    Deaf, hearing relationships

    Wow! Blast from past. Wonder how Shel is doing these days.
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    What did you learn today? Part II

    It is possible that it might need to be refreshed. I always format my phone back to factory settings and start fresh every one in a while cause the files on the phone can degrade over time like a regular computer.
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    Sonic Boom question

    What was alarm 2 set at?
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    Needing deaf roommate in Austin!!

    I used to live in Austin. How much is rent going for there these days? I am curious cause it was going up quickly while I was living there.
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    Asl song for class

    Let me get this straight: You just joined this forum 30 min ago and right away you are asking for help with your signing class which is YOUR project asking us to do YOUR assignment. On top of this, you didn't even bother to say hi or introduce yourself to us?
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    "Help! I've fallen and can't get up"

    There are smartphones you can buy for 100 dollars or less. They aren't fancy like 800 dollars phone but still would do the job.
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    Person Below Me

    Neither. I use Chromebook. TPBM: Ever flown in a Cessna plane?
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    What are you thinking about? Part VIII

    Most are taken up by robots or spams now a days so they aren't fun anymore.
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    Hi all from LinuxGold

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    Picking a new hearing aid

    It's a hearing aid made by Oticon.
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    Myrtle Beach SWF seeking SWM 52+ older

    One suggestion, you might want to look at dates of messages. Also if you move mouse to name and hover, it'll show you last time they were online. as for CarolineJoy, last time she was on was July 2018 so it's very unlikely she'll read the current message.
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    CC help needed

    Actually, they still don't! They just started putting CC options in devices before going through HDMI instead of having TV's do the job. HDMI strips the CC information as it goes through to TV.
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    How are you feeling today? Part II

    Sorry to hear you been sick. Glad you are getting better.
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    Hi and Welcome!!
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    Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock - Questions....

    If I had this clock, I would just set AL1 and leave it at that. Just to let you know there is also a limit on how long the alarm will go off. I have had my alarm go off all day cause I forgot to turn it off but woke up before it goes off so this limit would be handy. You can change how long the...
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    Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock - Questions....

    Just read the user manual. Here is my understanding: Turning off sounds and only using shaker has no effect on which alarm setting you use. AL1 is Alarm 1 AL2 is Alarm 2 You can set up to 2 alarms to go off at different times. You can also set up which alarm you want to use. For example. If...
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    CI and tinnitus

    Of course, it's different for different people. For me, I once went a year without wearing HA and had tinnitus after few months of not wearing them. I finally put them on and my tinnitus went away. It is possible that CI might get rid of it. If not, I would think it'll mask it while wearing it...
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    A Canadian adventure

    I'm confused, isn't Calgary in Canada? If so, you are going to Canada.
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    New here, hello!

    Hi and welcome!