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    hi. i have google hangouts as well and id be willing to. i understand. i felt this way when i was losing my hearing but when i was not deaf yet but i was also in a hearing school in a hearing family as well. so nothing really worked. my family couldve moved me young enough to a deaf school but...
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    I’m looking for someone to practice ASL

    i would love having people to practice with. can i join?
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    Did you know that people who suffer hearing loss are more prone to developing dementia?

    I was born with hearing loss but was also remarkably intelligent. I've been in MENSA for years. Medical science is not and will never be an exact science. The most common factor leading to dementia is chronic concussions (chronic traumatic encephalopathy). Athletes are common candidates but not...
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    What is the one thing which would make the biggest difference in the quality of your life?

    that special ipad program my "speech" therapist (deaf school teacher) was working on for a combo of my autism and asl needs. insurance bailed out on that. that wouldve been great for sure. plus the thing a dr of mine has in his office i like on an ipad. unlike some interpreter programs, his...
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    hello. im interested in practicing
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    i'd love to practice with someone too

    i'd love to practice with someone too
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    Hard of hearing ; want to learn SEE..ASL is a struggle to learn...

    someone gave me a book on SEE after my coma. i kept correcting its grammar but it is SEE. its a relatively fast moving book but easy to follow. the book of signing a handbook for words and phrases by christopher brown.
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    My story is a little odd. My dr and my school district wanted me to go to deaf school since late elementary school. my family refused. we have a number of deaf in my overall family. i really wanted to go but was given no choice. i tried on and off to learn ASL over many years starting back in...