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    "Help! I've fallen and can't get up"

    Right! I am using a phone that would have been $20 is I would have activated it on Cricket rather than unlocking it and putting in on another AT&T MVNO. So . . . the one month service amounted to just an additional cost of the phone rather than something used for service and I spent under $2...
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    New to Hearing Loss

    It depends on the hearing aid specialist. We have one where I live that is sooo good that an ENT in town did not replace the audiologist that he employed when the one he had left. The only problem is she has now reached the age of being semi-retired.
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    What are you thinking about? Part VIII

    That sounds to me like you need to install a cat door.
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    Anyone received The Chorus upgrade...

    Here is what I got as a response from one of the expert posters on Hearing Journey. Sure hope you are watching this thread. "HJ updated, 2 years??? ago or so. Some people did need to reregister or get their password reset. She can either register for a new account on HJ or click the help...
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    Anyone received The Chorus upgrade...

    I use Hearing Journey and have posted a link to this post as I do not know enough about recovering passwords on HJ. Hopefully someone that understands about recovering passwords on HJ also uses this site and will respond here. Part of you impression that HJ is not active comes from the need to...
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    Is getting food thrown at you legal?

    My point about the small town was in answer to rockin'robin suggesting going to a different center. Small places can be lucky to have one senior center. I have no disagreement with the idea of not going back if the management does not resolve it.
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    Is getting food thrown at you legal?

    You are forgetting about small towns where there is not more than one center. Isn't there a supervisor that Presbyter could talk to about staff treatment of the deaf etc.?
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    April Fool's Day...??

    One my Dad did was to put a spool of thread in his suite picket, use a needle to run it through to say his collar or somewhere else on his suit jacket. Take the needle off and leave a bit of thread. Then when anyone would try to pick the thread off it would keep coming from the hidden spool...
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    Hello from an old friend

    I think it went through a period of tooo aggressive banning and a bunch that did not like those people being banned then turned around and left themselves.
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    What did you learn today? Part II

    We don't have them here and it does sound like The Finlander did use the free service. But it got me wondering if any of them are offered with the chance to make a donation.
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    Did any of you use captions on the CBS Special Report in the morning on 03-25-19?

    I had to laugh when the captions said Obstetrics & Gynecology where they intended obstruction of justice. It was very quickly changed but I, at least, got a good laugh before they did.
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    Trains and Vibrations...

    I have read of a number of times where they are on a trestle so there is no ground beside them to step off on.
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    This appears to be the same link provided in the post that started this thread.
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    Let's watch this for more information. Based of a show I saw that was probable Globe Tracker on PBS I was reminder that not everything from Nigeria is a scam. Also, the OP refers to Pretoria which is in South Africa not Nigeria. It makes sense to me as it refers to conductive loss which is...
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    Why do deaf people not learn English?

    I think the key to this is the mention of clients by the OP. It appears to me that the OP's experience is just with the group that uses the services of the company he/she works for and not the general deaf population. Then those members that have responded have been offended with being lumped...
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    Need recommendation/advice

    I also like InnoCaption real well but it is just for phone calls. You have to have called someone or they have to have called you.
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    Hey check this out Live Transcribe app

    I did look a Ava at one point but one of the places that I would be most likely to use it is a lunch with a group. Some of them don't even have a cell phone let alone be willing and able to download an app. They seem to say that it the way to really get it to work is if everyone in the group...
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    TTY and macs

    I am assuming that by "couplers" you mean the cups that you can place the part of a regular phone that you hold to your ear in. I do not use that but have the phone line that comes from the wall plugged in to the back of a Ameriphone Dialogue TTY from quite a number of years ago. Then a short...
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    TTY and macs

    The Compact/C has been discontinued but keep looking on places like eBay. It has been longer than it feels like but I did find one that I keep in the car but would need to check the manual for some features because it has been long enough since I used it. I normally have no problems with the...
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    Remember hearing aids in eye glass temples?

    We seem to have had the same reaction to keeping both working right but just described it differently. I suppose for getting the HA part fixed you could put plain temples on the glasses. But then how do you continue to use HA if the glasses need work? I did get a combo TV/VCR at one point...