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  1. MarieK1983

    Person Below Me

    Mac TPBM: have you ever forgotten you are wearing HA's, Cochlear implants, when you go outside or are in school?
  2. MarieK1983

    Person Below Me

    Yes, i am going to the Stanley hotel i hope soon...!!!!!! TPBM: What is your day like for today?
  3. MarieK1983

    is it illegal for a group home to steal and sell/donate a deaf person's adaptive equipment WITHOUT their permission?

    im in a group home and they donated my videophone WITHOUT my permission....they told me I said it was okay when it was not okay. I think I ought to sue my group home dontcha think??
  4. MarieK1983

    hi guys, how you all today??

    hi guys, how you all today??
  5. MarieK1983

    This what my father told me .

    That why I "turn off voice" sometimes when I sign in asl. I live in grouphome, and I don't like the lack of sign language in the home itself. They force me to not sign, they want me to use my voice, no videophone, no hearing aides. They keep telling lies about me in my grouphome. Including...
  6. MarieK1983

    This what my father told me .

    I remember when I was younger I got made fun of by everyone in town. I hated using my voice. I felt freer using American Sign Language and Signing exact English than using my voice.... when I didn't use my voice I was hit by other people at school where I went which was a hearing school.
  7. MarieK1983

    Anyone here use linux instead of windows?

    I am a ubuntu user as well as a HAM radio operator and am darn good at it i must add!!!!!!! i just turn the volume up on my radio and communicate that way!!!!!!
  8. MarieK1983

    How did you become deaf / hard of hearing?

    i am severe to profoundly deaf in my left ear and moderate to severe in my right ear. i'm currently unaided.
  9. MarieK1983

    What are you thinking about? Part VIII

    going to register for Gallaudet college again. DVR is going to help me do it!!!!! *squees*
  10. MarieK1983

    How did you become deaf / hard of hearing?

    i was mainstreamed from preschool until i graduated school. but i am now trying to go to Gallaudet college!!!! mainstream was bad.....i was made fun of alot...i was born deaf failed the newborn hearing test
  11. MarieK1983

    Anyone from Spokane Washington??

    deaf meeting or coffee in spokane washington??
  12. MarieK1983

    Would Like Your Thoughts

    I have made a personal decision on getting a CI for my left ear which is severe to profoundly deaf. I made the decision nobody else but me. No one forced me to do it anyway. My mom is deaf and my father I am assuming is deaf. I don't know if he is deaf or not.
  13. MarieK1983

    Effing hate my "deaf accent"!!!

    i sing too. people think i have a good singing voice....i can't hear my own voice or deaf accent. But I do have a thick deaf accent for those that have heard it. I try to talk as little as possible.
  14. MarieK1983

    Deaf twins who discovered they were going blind and would never see each other again

    i am partially deaf-blind myself this makes me scared. i love life and i adjust by not becoming nuts...i am a shy life.
  15. MarieK1983

    My beautiful deaf self

  16. MarieK1983

    Profoundly deaf - anyone like me, have CI?

    i am getting BAHA surgery in January of next year. i havent heard anything since i was born completely deaf. They fix hearing bones on right ear...Left ear remain the point of profound hearing loss. now i long will my wait be for to approve surgery??
  17. MarieK1983

    What are you doing right now? Part II

    What i am doing?? i am not sleepy though my eyes tell different story. thinking of reading ASL and SEE books to try and sleep. maybe that work??
  18. MarieK1983

    deaf accent!

    We deafies could say we from different countries rather than USA!! I get skittish when I sign in public so I talk....I feel like I slipping out of my "normal" voice back to my deaf accent voice... hearing people don't understand me when I sign in asl at all.... mother deaf...not sure if my...
  19. MarieK1983

    Person Below Me

    When i was being picked on in school for being THE only deaf kid in elementary school....They picked on me due to my HAs...they stopped after awhile though. TPBM: What is your favorite CC movie?