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  1. authentic


    You demisexual, I am brucewillisexual.
  2. authentic

    Car goes airborne, slams into 2nd floor office.

    someone is mad that medicare do not cover his dentures
  3. authentic

    Hey I am back-

    Nope. Bottesini is in heaven and still participating alldeaf.god
  4. authentic

    Hi from Wa

    Not yet. Today is 2017. Too much catnip make you crazy and thinking today is 2018?
  5. authentic

    New... And not hearing impaired. At least not yet.

    Is it warm up there? lol I've seen news about huge snowfall up there. Here San Francisco is nice and cool....and I see plenty of green grass here.
  6. authentic

    New... And not hearing impaired. At least not yet.

    :welcome: where are you from?
  7. authentic

    ASL Students

    speak with deaf people? :confused:
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  9. authentic

    Hello, New Writer Here

    Hi. Why did you feel that it is important for us to know about your sexual preference in your first introduction?
  10. authentic

    Health tips

    you forgot sex? just kidding
  11. authentic


    Welcome to alldeaf!
  12. authentic


    Learn ASL, nothing else.
  13. authentic

    Hello! new here, just introducing myself :)

    :welcome: Translinterpreter :lol:
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    Hi everyone

  15. authentic

    Would you rather question

    In that case, I am staying single until I find someone who I love and treat me good for the rest of my life.
  16. authentic

    Post your gas prices Part II

    $3.09 for 87 I use 91 so it is $3.29, good thing I dont own a SUV or pick up truck .
  17. authentic

    Looking for deaf friends

    interesting name btw welcome!
  18. authentic

    Scary movie uses sign language for survival....

    cool. more more movies comes with ASL!