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    hi i am jazmean can anybody help me gloss this for my asl class

    Which ASL level are you on? This ASL - Song conversion takes you to ASL level 3.
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    Is it normal....

    Hearing people do ask for wifi, it's just that your deaf friends are either addicted to iphone, or need a higher speed to make videophone calls. I ask for wifi access to my hearing friends when I need to make a vp call....1 bar on signal will frustrate myself and interpreters by saying "BLURRY...
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    "The Tribe" deaf ukraine high school movie

    It was directed by a hearing director who does not know sign language....disgusting.
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    Hi I'm a mom of two who homeschool

    You have a wonderful husband, why not practice ASL with him?
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    Hitting a Deer

    I remember last summer a solo female traveler from Oregon swerved off the cliff over a squirrel (near my home area) and she ended up stuck at the bottom of the ocean injured for 7 days and survived. A hiker found her and called emergency, she suffered a brain hemorrhage, four fractured ribs...
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    Deaf Car Show at Clearwater, FL

    No prizes for car winners? :eek2:
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    Deaf Car Show at Clearwater, FL

    My car won 2nd out of 300+ cars few years ago. Now it's aging with some rock chips, etc lol I would love to come with my car, but it's too far from California. :(
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    Why do some people do not make replies to your posts?

    Train is gone all have to buy another train ticket to bring him back to this forum. :iolol:
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    Why do some people do not make replies to your posts?

    Please don't play the pity card, it is degrading.
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    Hey check this out Live Transcribe app

    This will not work in one large meeting room with full of people.
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    Why do some people do not make replies to your posts?

    Trainman can create any thread and Tiredman72 is more than welcome to reply to Trainman's thread :crazy:
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    Can hard of hearing people give sign names?

    Sorry, the answer is no. Culturally and lingually Deaf person assigns a name sign to a new non-native member of the community
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    Can hard of hearing people give sign names?

    If hoh not interacted with deaf community can NOT give you a name sign. Deaf/hoh people grew up in a deaf community = yes.
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    What did you learn today? Part II

    except French Canadians like in Montreal, I could not understand them.
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    New here, hello!

    Check deaf events through GLAD. I went to Buenos Aires in 2017, it's beautiful city, unique, one of kind, also went to Ushuaia, El Calafate, and El Chalten. Argentina is beautiful country.
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    Sciatica comes in and go on its own, I've heard yoga might help a lot.
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    My beautiful pics

    Do you smile in your sleep?
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    Will I Die Alone?

    Deaf person passed away Deaf person goes to heaven to meet god God was speaking to Deaf person Deaf person to God, I can't hear you, please write on the paper How do you communicate with hearing people on Planet Earth? God asked We use ASL interpreter to communicate, and sometimes writing back...