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  1. Sarfarigirl2011

    Picking a new hearing aid

    what the guy said here!
  2. Sarfarigirl2011

    Picking a new hearing aid

    be on the lookout, the OPN S is coming out this month too. (going for their PP since that will be a very nice change too!)
  3. Sarfarigirl2011

    17 Years old

    ;) same to you too!
  4. Sarfarigirl2011

    17 Years old

    welcome! I'm in CT but more like a neighboring state :D
  5. Sarfarigirl2011

    New Guy.

    are you talking CIs? there's some people there with them
  6. Sarfarigirl2011

    Earmold question

    that's why Westone has that option! (I usually get color and clear with no issues)
  7. Sarfarigirl2011

    Low end BTE?

    hearing has some great info on Costco and their stuff too!
  8. Sarfarigirl2011

    Low end BTE?

    @NaidaUP has the Brio P UP from Costco! (some hearing aids like that can be converted to analog sounding too)
  9. Sarfarigirl2011

    What hearing aid would you recommend for severe-profound loss (in 2018)?

    Oticon? it's freaking fantastic! (never worn a Phonak, I grew up on Siemens and Oticon as a child) FYI I love that Oticon has their hearing aids pretty tiny too if you see my picture above
  10. Sarfarigirl2011

    What hearing aid would you recommend for severe-profound loss (in 2018)?

    I know you like Phonak, but Oticon Opn plus power is really cool (and internet connected too, check that out too) *yes, I love to be trendy here LOL* but yeah, looking forward to this after my birthday too ;) FYI, OPN goes up to 105 if you're not bad as the others but their Dynamo goes up to 110...
  11. Sarfarigirl2011


    I think she means deaf #goddamnautocorrect
  12. Sarfarigirl2011

    Hello Everyone

    welcome aboard! :)
  13. Sarfarigirl2011

    Hello everyone

    welcome! my mom has been here too after being in a noisy work environment for years ;)
  14. Sarfarigirl2011

    How do I pick the correct cochlear implant company?

    Med-el could be good for you if you're a music lover (the implant and the models are based on musical terms like Synchrony, Opus, Concerto, Sonnet and Sonata :) *I kinda thought so since my mom is a music lover too and this is the case someday*
  15. Sarfarigirl2011

    how useful are hearing aids?

    word. they are pretty easy to mantain too :)
  16. Sarfarigirl2011

    I cannot hear Fire alarms because of their high frequency.Can one get low frequency sound alerts?

    the SpectraAlert P2P would be good for you too! they look like this and I have those in my condo (my mom can only hear the LF but not the high frequency like I do. (she may not hear certain high tones)
  17. Sarfarigirl2011

    Phonak sky V70 sp hearing aids

    might wanna try another audi that has experience with Phonak as well!
  18. Sarfarigirl2011

    FM Systems vs External Microphones such as Roger devices

    Phonak's website can show you more too (if you check it out)
  19. Sarfarigirl2011

    Naida V...Feedback?

    LOL I have been there as well with my hearing aids (thanks to earwax since I produce a crap ton)