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  1. LoveBlue

    Why do deaf people not learn English?

    And you think none of these things apply to hearing people? Being Deaf has nothing to do with these issues. 1. How many obese hearing people bother to look at food labels? I'm not obese, but I rarely look at food labels, except maybe to check the sodium content. 2. How many hearing...
  2. LoveBlue

    Mad Jeopardy!

    :D (That's because I have enough point to cover the jump in price ;) ) What @AlleyCat uses to clean her Shag carpeting. Pooh Bear
  3. LoveBlue

    Hey check this out Live Transcribe app

    Put your phone on the table and let your phone's mic pick up the voices around the table. That's what I've done.
  4. LoveBlue

    Those darn spelllcheckers

    Well, your spellcheck seemed to recognize @;$% :D
  5. LoveBlue

    Person Below Me

    Besides work? Nah, other than "celebrate" my 2 years of hearing with a CI in my left ear. TPBM - Was it as boring as everyone seems to be saying it was?
  6. LoveBlue

    Person Below Me

    Train tickets (9 trains) and 3 hotels (though pmt not due till I stay at them) and a hostel. TPBM: looking forward to spring?
  7. LoveBlue

    Person Below Me

    Nah, I make any day resolutions. ;) TPBM: Favorite form of transportation
  8. LoveBlue

    Mad Jeopardy!

  9. LoveBlue

    Phonak Naida V vs Naida B?

    You could do male-to-male cable with the charging/docking base, but that won't help if you want to listen to music while walking/running/etc.
  10. LoveBlue

    Peeping Duck is in trouble!

    Happy Quack Day, DD!!
  11. LoveBlue

    Headphones for quadriplegic with hearing aids

    Take a look at this, but you need to make sure his HAs will work with these (if he has old HAs, they may not). I don't have any knowledge of the Starkey's so I can't answer questions for you.
  12. LoveBlue

    Phonak Naida V vs Naida B?

    Curious. Were the one's you bought charging cable or audio cables?
  13. LoveBlue

    Post your gas prices Part II

    $1.99 at one station. Most are $2.00+
  14. LoveBlue

    What did you learn today? Part II

    Probably Skywest. They do the smaller planes for the bigger airlines. I believe I've flown on them as part of some Delta trips I've taken.
  15. LoveBlue

    How would you rate your personal sex life?

    As opposed to my public sex life?
  16. LoveBlue

    What are you thinking about? Part VIII

    Thinking about going back to my habit of adding plenty, and I mean plenty, of padding for my train trips to my CI clinic. Despite leaving home more than double the time normally needed to get to the train station I missed my train by about 5 mins. I heard the train's bells has it left the...
  17. LoveBlue

    Phonak Naida V vs Naida B?

    The Select is new this year which is probably why you’re not finding it on eBay yet.
  18. LoveBlue

    How do I pick the correct cochlear implant company?

    Latest news about AB’s streaming.
  19. LoveBlue

    Post your gas prices Part II

    $2.13 in Delaware