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  1. Secretblend

    New here, hello!

    Hi and welcome!
  2. Secretblend

    What hearing aid would you recommend for severe-profound loss (in 2018)?

    I've had both of them. While they both are equally good and does the same job, they do have different sounds and their programming works differently. While there are pro and cons to both, the only way to know which you like better is to try both of them cause what may work for one won't work as...
  3. Secretblend

    Headphones for quadriplegic with hearing aids

    First, you would need to know the exact make and model before doing research for accessories to buy. However, I was looking around the website and found this and I think this is perfect for what you are looking for.
  4. Secretblend

    New Year's Resolutions

    I would say instead of one or two huge resolutions, I would make few small changes and step them up as you meet your goals. Makes it easier to gain your goal and keep them up.
  5. Secretblend

    Phonak Naida V vs Naida B?

    Another option. You could probably find a hearing aid place that sells Phonak that is not an audiologist and just buy from them. You could also find a different audiologist and buy it. Here is a hearing aid store online. You could check with them.
  6. Secretblend

    Phonak Naida V vs Naida B?

    I don't think so. I'm sure you can find one if you do research for it. Another thing, why not contact the seller and see if he has extra?
  7. Secretblend

    Phonak Naida V vs Naida B? Would any of these work?
  8. Secretblend

    What are the best tools to architect a web application?

    Here we go again! New name but old tactics..... :popcorn:
  9. Secretblend

    Meeting new people

    Just be yourself and do best you can. If you don't understand, ask them to repeat it or even write down what they are saying. If they get upset cause you asked them to repeat, that is their problem not yours cause you are one with hearing loss.
  10. Secretblend

    Headphones for quadriplegic with hearing aids

    What kind of HA's (hearing aids) does he have? Maybe there some accessories you could buy that'll work with his hearing aids?
  11. Secretblend

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome Don!
  12. Secretblend

    Post your gas prices Part II

    1.97 Quicktrip
  13. Secretblend

    how useful are hearing aids?

    Also don't forget about this kind of hearing aid:
  14. Secretblend

    Shake awake alarm clock

    There are a lot of options out there so I'm gonna make it easier by only talking about this alarm clock: I have been using this alarm clock for 10 years or more. The shaker plugs into the back of sonic boom clock which when it goes off, the shaker...
  15. Secretblend

    Woke up not being able to hear 5 days ago

    One advice Don't be quick to quit your job and sell your car!! Take your time and get used to it but since you already have a job, they cannot fire you or make you quit just cause you are deaf. Also just cause you are deaf doesn't mean you can't drive. Just gotta learn how to use your eyes...
  16. Secretblend

    Shake awake alarm clock

    Just an idea you might like, You could get a bed shaker alarm clock then add doorbell and tie a necklace or etc to it so she could have it around her neck. If she falls, she can press the button and then it would shake your bed. You can check around that website and see other options they might...
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    It's nutkickin' time!

    Happy Birthday!!
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    One for the resident cat ladies ...

    They still can jump pretty high so I'm not sure if that would work but great idea tho.

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