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  1. Tilerr

    Do you try to earn money online?

    These are some other method which require some initial time and effort. To start an e-commerce website. Affiliate business. Website / blog Flipping business. Advertising Network (Ad Network). Drop Shipping business. Web design & App development business. Blogging business Web hosting reselling...
  2. Tilerr

    Do you play some games like tennis, football, etc?

    Do you play some games like tennis, football, etc?
  3. Tilerr

    Online earning

    You can also try sport betting. It is not so difficult. You need to follow some championships and make bets on games. If you interested, this website will help you to know all matches results and statistics.
  4. Tilerr

    Do your kids playing video games?

    Do your kids playing video games? What are they?
  5. Tilerr

    What job boards do you use?

    It depends on what exactly do you need. I usually use Jooble, it is special search engine that allows you to search jobs on the major job boards and career sites. So you can check all vacancies in one place. Very comfortable. For example check job openings in Glasgow...
  6. Tilerr

    Where do you read reviews about software developers?

    Choosing a software development company mainly depends upon what type of services you are seeking. Here are 5 helpful tips that will help you when ever you are choosing a software development firm: - Avoid looking for the cheapest. You will ultimately end up paying more in the end. - A strong...
  7. Tilerr

    Where do you watch football matches results and statistics?

    Whenever I need football data, I generally visit They have a decent UI and I can generally find what I am looking fairly easily. Another would be Squawka. I haven’t used it a lot, but it’s a pretty good site.
  8. Tilerr

    What outdoor activity do you like?

    I like deer hunting.
  9. Tilerr

    Is it difficult to create mobile app?

    If you want to do this by yourself it is quite difficult task. I recommend to hire team of developers.
  10. Tilerr

    What fonts do you use?

    I'm going to interpret "user friendly" as functional and attractive. Source Sans Pro is a good choice.
  11. Tilerr

    Outsourcing benefits for business

    There are many benefits. Some of them are: costs savings, no problem with the recruitment, no problem with changing demand for developers, no need to provide extra space for your team, no need for having your own cto, ability to focus on your core business, quick start, you can take advantage of...
  12. Tilerr

    Car parts business

    I have car parts shop and I want to trade online too. For this purpose I need website. Should I hire web dev, and if yes can you recommend some company?
  13. Tilerr

    Vacation 2018

    I'm planning to visit Seychelles. I have not been on vacation for 2 years. I found good hotel Coral Strand 4*. Here I can book my stay 30 days in advance and save up to 10% on accommodation(hotel booking in Seychelles). As for me it is great and inexpensive variant.
  14. Tilerr


    Do you like hunting?) I recently tried night hunting, amazing feelings!
  15. Tilerr

    Can trade be the main job?

    Yes you can. Trading the end of day strategy is a good way even for beginners to get started. You need to come up with a plan that you will follow. If you are a beginner I recommend to pass education before start. Also you need to choose good and reliable broker. I can recommend...
  16. Tilerr

    Movers for hire

    We need to make house move. Where can I hire good movers? I'm from Los Angeles.
  17. Tilerr

    How can I change oxygen sensor?

    I have oxygen sensor from Bosch, this brand is known worldwide for quality and performance. Here is a link for you, OXYGEN SENSOR BOSCH. Replacement is not difficult, you can do it by yourself. I recommend to follow such instructions like this
  18. Tilerr

    Website development company

    What exactly do you need? I can give contacts to a developing company(Niklex), their specialists developed online shop for me. They have big experience in different software development and can provide a big variety of options and decisions. Here is their website By the way...
  19. Tilerr

    Back pain problems

    How can I avoid back pain? What methods do you know, maybe some kind of exercises?
  20. Tilerr

    Show Us Your Car(s)

    Hi! I want to ask you about your car insurances. How much do you pay now?

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