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    what's your views about twinflames, it's supposed to be 'the one' and often it's said they are your mirror self and you have to be prepared as it's intense as they will motivate you to be your best version of yourself and they are almost like your therapist in a way but the connection is so...
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    working as a deaf person

    hi, i just wondered what's it like for you working as a deaf person? what job do you have or had in the past? also do you feel like where you try to find a job that its advertised too highly, saying you need to be good at this, skills required etc.. alot of employer's will turn you down if you...
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    bike question

    I'm not sure with ordering online, you see in heard they tend to come part assembled and you would have to get bike shop to check it over for you. I'm a total beginner here with bikes. I think I'd rather buy one from a bike shop. but saying that I've heard if you buy from evans cycles online it...
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    bike question

    hey there, you see I'm planning to get a bike, I keep checking on facebook marketplace for any good bikes near me with possible delivery as I don't drive. I'm actually planning on getting a hybrid bike but then I saw where people where using folding bikes. decisions decisions lol
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    bike question

    hi, I got a few questions about these folding bikes, they seem quite cool and I've seen them around, mostly for commute to work. the wheels do look tiny though. I wonder if these bike could survive lots of miles where you ride with other cyclists for miles yeah like a training ride for any...
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    from pay as you go to contract

    hi, ive always been with pay as you go with three network, and I have had my phone around 2 years ish now. I was thinking of getting a new phone at some stage and where the contract say free phone and pay so much a month, it sounds ideal yeah. but is there any little catch somewhere with this? I...
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    deaf research

    hey, I just wondered does anyone know about the current situation with a possible cure deafness? I think it was about 5 years ago or so I was hearing about how they could try to revive the tiny hairs in the ears to help hearing. all this sort of wishful thinking sort of talk seems like a 'could...
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    hi there

    I'm not sure those sort of hearing aids are powerful enough. sure I heard it's only for small amount of hearing loss. I've got below 40 percent from the normal hearing level, and the audiology people always say you just need more volume lol and keep pestering for the cochlear implant but I will...
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    hi there

    hi there, new at here. I'm gary, 34 years old and deaf since birth. it runs in family. I gothink a question, you see in like doing long distance running but it buggers my hearing aids up lol once duing a half marathon in got soaked and hearing aids died but came back after an hour but eventually...