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    Windows 10 beta is out now !!!

    Hi Guys, Shocked !!! Microsoft surprised us !!!, it's real Windows 10 beta is out download at Back up your personal stuff before you do this. 1. sign up. 2. select 32/64 bit Windows 10 download. 3. burn iso. 4. install windows 10/...
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    Windows 8/8.1 is dying quickly, Why ?

    Hi Folks, I am power user and knowledge about Windows versions from old Windows 95 to Windows 8/8.1 inside and outside. but (I am on Windows 7). Let me share with my experiences on Windows 8 stuff and why i say that "Windows 8 is dead ?" Some people and I don't like the way layout of...
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    Have you use virtual machine software for Mac OS X 10.6.4 running on Windows 7 ?

    Hi Guys, I am using VMware player to use Mac OS X 10.6.4 on top of Windows 7 64bit, I wonder if you have experiences this before ? I am trying to learn more about Mac and looking for video editor stuff. I installed both Mac OS X 10.6.4 and Ubuntu 10.10 to play around and I did use some...
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    Post your favorvite forums here ?

    Post your favorite other forums ? Hi Guys, I have been visit at forums most of times are lists below. 1. DAILY ROTATION (one of the best forums everything in one place to visit within forums.) 2. Windows 7 Forums (Best for Windows 7 stuff) 3. nVIDIA Geforce 480 470 285 260 9800...
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    Post your WEI score for Windows 7 here.

    Hi Guys, My WEI score below. I am running Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit with spec list below. Motherboard - Asrock P55 Pro LGA 1156 CPU - Intel i5 750 Quad 2.66ghz stock speed (overclock to 3.8ghz now) Memory - G.Skill 2x2GB PC3 15000 (1866) Video - Msi Nvidia GTX 260 896MB I got the lowest...
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    BlackBerry® Curve™ 8900 from T-Mobile is out

    Hi Guys, Link at Unsupported Browser What do you think ? I am very tempting to get one someday.:hmm: BTW, look for cheaper other sellers out there (gOOgle). dg
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    Microsoft look at RIM buyout bid ???

    Guys, Spot highlight about RIM stock share is down !, Microsoft is thinking about buy RIM ??? link at below Plunge in RIM's shares could attract takeover bid | Deals | Reuters Microsoft could pick Blackberry - The INQUIRER If Microsoft did buy RIM, new OS will be different who...
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    New BB 8900 !? I never seen before.

    Guys, Spot new BB Javelin 8900 at BlackBerry Javelin 8900 Hands-On Hardware First Look | also if you are BB users, go forums at – The #1 Site for BlackBerry Users & Abusers *sigh* confused me, I want curve, bold, now this new toy is coming around corner...
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    on sale BB curve $149 and Sidekick 2008 free limited time HURRY !!!

    Guys, Spot at fusewireless for sale BB curve 149.99 and Sidekick 2008 free !!! after $50.00 rebate in mail, Hurry while supply last and limited time offers. link at Deaf Sidekick 2008 to buy it online. link at Deaf Blackberry Curve to buy it online. BTW, I am tempting get BB curve or...
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    SIDEKICK 4 coming soon ???

    Hi Guys, Remember now Microsoft owns Danger, I think Microsoft want to make new toys for their own 2 brand name called "SK Gekko" and "Sidekick Aspen". link info Sidekick 4: Sidekick 4 Coming in July? sorry there is no new photo for SK4 but maybe soon they spill the beans. :) Great for SK...
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    New MVP better than VPAD ???

    Guys, I don't know what to believe but do we need too many other new VRS device when they came out new toys ? are you happy with your any present VP at this point ? sigh...what is next ? somebody going to war each other for release a better techolgoy than what they offers. I was...
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    VPAD sell for $99 !!! for limited time...

    Guys, recently check my email and Viable send me a newsletter about VPAD on sale for $99 and read below for more infomation, look like anyone MUST register at Deaf Nation Expo first on that dates (pix attach below read more further info). I want one VPAD someday. Dg
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    Unlucky Deaf Guy Gets Hit by a Train and Car

    Hi Guys, Lord...poor deaf got hit by train, look like he was hurry try cross track before train pass but too late BAM !!!, ambulance took deaf inside, then drove away while someone dumb driver hit ambulance while deaf INSIDE !, double painful. Warning raw video !!!, link at -...
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    Hello guys

    Hi, I did joined this AD thread while ago, I was too busy somethin else in my mind. Now I find the time to come here and enjoy it. ;) D
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    Lindsay Lohan brush with law again !!!

    Hi guys, I like her face at mugshot shows self-explanation right there up her nose !. :D link at Lindsay, Where Has the Time Gone? - What a sadly that person should go jail for real deal. D