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  1. vvti low rolla

    im back....

    and see many new deafies, i guess? so take care
  2. vvti low rolla


    HELLLLOOOOOOOOOOO :wave: ADers!!! This is SOS, Rolla's gf SUP????
  3. vvti low rolla

    new jersey peeps else

    Who's goin' to dingo's dino (spells) bar this sat? vvti in da house, find me there. don't move those shits to deaf event till pass sat already.
  4. vvti low rolla

    alex well?

    what happened to the icons when i come back and click all posts that i haven't check yet and plus the icons that every threads that led me to last post i haven't seen when i come back again. ya know?
  5. vvti low rolla

    Give special thanks to..

    i asked superhuman a favor and he made it for me.. look awsome. reason i put texts on it bec you don't steal it from me :squint: anyway, special thanks to superhuman. he did so awsome job. ask him if you need something...i dunno if he's up for it. but thanks again
  6. vvti low rolla

    Train delays

    A mother was working in the kitchen, listening to her five year old son playing with his new electric train in the living room. She heard the train stop & her son saying "All of you bastards who want off, get the hell off now, 'cause this is the last stop! And all of you bastards who are...
  7. vvti low rolla

    Places in NJ?

    which is good places in NJ ? is there have nude beach? i take my bitch to NJ and have blast time. Holla latah i know AC, but other better than AC?
  8. vvti low rolla

    Hey members.

    Okay, it's time for me to leave. I will not be around for probably long time...because we have summer. I have alot things to do during summer, couldn't miss it. I attend car shows, deaf softball tournments, work, college and many things to do. I need to take break from and DM...
  9. vvti low rolla

    learn some lesson from mine

    I was happy. My girlfriend and I were dating for over a year, and so we decided to get married. My parents helped us in every way. My friends encouraged me, and my girlfriend, she was a dream! There was only one thing bothering me; my mother-in-law to be. She was a career woman, smart, but...
  10. vvti low rolla

    Picture of you play in any sport

    Ran toward home plate after a guy hit single at right field. got single toward center field. thats when i played for Tyson where I work. One day tournment in each year.
  11. vvti low rolla

    NOW it's funny shit

    I got email from my friends and i laughed. One day a 6 year old girl was sitting in a classroom. The teacher was going to explain evolution to the children. The teacher asked a little boy: Tommy do you see the tree outside? TOMMY: Yes. TEACHER: Tommy, do you see the grass outside...
  12. vvti low rolla

    Would you.....

    Wouldn't you mind go out with any women or men who have child(ren) that not your child(ren)? Im very curious because long time ago, I was in h.s. and women who have child(ren) liked me and one thing that turned me off is bec she has kid(s) I was stupid, now I feel different bec Im a father. it's...
  13. vvti low rolla

    Gotta Tell You.

    I noticed not only one person, but some people thinks :werd: means weird...but it's trick bec you thought it has I on weIrd..but it's WERD means whoever post werd on comment, they agree with you again, WERD means agree. ok? ;)
  14. vvti low rolla

    um...ask vvti anything

    i will answer my big DEPEND.:o
  15. vvti low rolla

    If you lost friends and want connect them, post here

    If you lost friends for few years and wish to connect her or him again, post here their name and where from. if you guys know who they post the names, then please pm them about it, not type their email address here..only pm. i look for joanna garcia from ft worth, texas. if anyone...
  16. vvti low rolla

    Nice Cops

    yeah, sure. you are one of the special education people. :ugh2:
  17. vvti low rolla

    what year...

    what year were you in gallaudet or rit? mine in gallaudet from 99 to 00
  18. vvti low rolla


    :mad2: there are no fucking on your left side...loook at big circle...i want it on bec it led me where last post i already see. i demand it back
  19. vvti low rolla

    Please give warm welcome

    to purplebreeze, she is my bestest friend....:naughty:
  20. vvti low rolla

    jackass the movie

    omg, i watch it recently and i almost threw up by laugh my ass off so hard and almost take a shit on my pant when robbers jumped from the top, nigga ran away like a fag.:eek: