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  1. Jason

    Mobile Text-to-Speech

    Been wondering about text-to-speech applications versus our mobile system option of text-time-speech tool (Talkback) which I don't like using. Trying to find me a good application to help me as an interpreter the second I need to communicate instead of using one of the mobile to text "write" to...
  2. Jason

    Just welcoming myself back to AllDeaf

    Hi, used to be here a lot in old days. Been gone for approximately 2 years. Here I am back. For these new members over the last 2 years, I am just Jason from Midwest who just wanna be nosy and see what I can do to help, share, give feedbacks and beyond. :-)
  3. Jason

    Mobile GPS Family Tracker

    Just curious.. any of you have GPS tracker application applied to your kids phone (s) so you can be aware where they are, etc.
  4. Jason

    Lizard Owners, Please read and feedback

    Hello Lizard owners, Me and my wife have been standing on the line among few lizards then we got closer to chosing beardies and Geckos... until few days ago, we finally decided to get baby-young Leopard Gecko, it is our first time and it is for our teenager son. I know this is good for...
  5. Jason

    Question about Keith Wann

    Is he qualified as real lawyer if anyone knows. I did pick up alot of source but wasn't satisfying answer I seek. Anyone know or seen his degree besides being an actor/comedian in deaf community?
  6. Jason

    Cop Humor

    copied and pasted from a source: Woman: Is there a problem, Officer? Officer: Ma'am, you were speeding. Woman: Oh, I see. Officer: Can I see your license please? Woman: I'd give it to you but I don't have one. Officer: Don't have one? Woman: Lost it 4 times for drunk...
  7. Jason

    Being a fit parent

    If you are a parent of a child or many. It does not mean you can just give up taking care of yourselves. You can hit the gym, workout at home or outdoors while you eat healthy. It keeps you in excellent condition and away from doctors. Being in that position is excellent role model for your...
  8. Jason

    Hello, I am back... again...

    Hello.. I am Jason.. I have been gone for a while again... now I am back again... whoppee dooo... Any of you please help me out here.. how do I change my avatar name? TheWhiteTiger... I no longer comfortable with that.. thought of deleting it but there is two groups I own and host on here...
  9. Jason

    Hello, I am back

    Hi, people and newcomers, Hi, I am back after being absent for approximately a year since I was busy with my life and career. Just thought I would post here if some of you remember me or not. I notice some of the members have disappeared but they get my respect and support for whatever the...
  10. Jason

    Deaf Personal Trainer

    Hello everyone, yes I am back after approximately a year absence. I have been busy with my career as trainer and father of four. I ran into a guy in Missouri that works as physical therapist assistance for 12+ years and also talked with other deaf personal trainer down in Texas. I was told by...
  11. Jason

    Personal Trainer here.

    Hello everybody, I have been gone over a year and half from this site. I just now returned since I almost completely forgot I am member and kind of enjoyed being here with you and the deaf community. I just recent graduated as personal trainer and continuing to add more to my records. I am...
  12. Jason

    Hello everybody, I am Back!

    I have been gone for approximately little over a year and half since I was focused in school to get my Associate's Degree and certification including CPR, First Aid, and AED. I am currently personal trainer that lives in area of Kansas City. I am back to see what's up there and here while I...
  13. Jason

    Disney refuse to hire

    Disney in Florida refuse to hire 45 yr old deaf man and the judge isn't following the rights of justice. Please read to see for yourself. Click on the link below. Deaf Man Says Disney Won't Hire Him, Court Won't Help - News Story - WFTV Orlando
  14. Jason


    I know some of you members have discussed about the Facebook, but I wonder any of you have already joined the site and who. I have already added a few but what about the rest of you members? I also joined group in there as well. Have good summer.
  15. Jason

    Question abt "My Deaf Family" Show.

    Since some of you members have heard that Marlee Martin was trying to get this show "My deaf family" on the television over the few months and has failed since NBC, TBL, and other shows rejected it. We have heard that AG Bell was at fault for several shows that was being rejected. It just does...
  16. Jason

    Just simple questions

    I am aware of the warning, wars, opinions and all that related to the decision of having Cochlear Implants. My mate and I have been talking about this for the last two weeks after realizing how cruel AG Bell was and still is. Then my mate started looking everything up about them and other...
  17. Jason

    Deaf Personal Trainer/Physical Therapist

    Any of you know someone who is deaf personal trainer or a physical therapist? Any where in the states. I heard there is few up northeast of the country. I am becoming a personal trainer heading for physical therapy if possible. I know there is a female trainer in Hawaii and one male trainer in...
  18. Jason

    Just want this cleared among the wireless servers

    I have been with T-Mobile for 6 years as loyal customer so they are offering me deals that is same or better then the one I have on Blackberry and have other two parties on the account. Wife left the acct since her sidekick is a screw up plus it was because T-mobile servers broke down as you all...