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  1. MomofmanyKidlets

    hearing aids

    I returned my hearing aids and I am looking at more in-depth then I did before. I sort of know what I want but I am thinking everyone here may know some things I am not thinking of. Using my cell phone for long periods ended up leaving my ear sore. So since I organize things for church and my...
  2. MomofmanyKidlets

    My Husband and the neighbor

    So we moved less then a year ago and our neighbors behind us are well rude and annoying that is the short story. So my husband decided to play a joke on them because we know they grow illegal plants in their garage. He saw a white van down the street that was working on another neighbors house...
  3. MomofmanyKidlets

    congestion and HA

    I got a cold today and it makes sense to me that it would effect the way I hear in my aids. How much does it effect the way aids work?
  4. MomofmanyKidlets

    Sonic Aids

    Anyone have these? How well do they work for you? I am currently fitted with a BTE Sonic mini.
  5. MomofmanyKidlets

    Whats your Kryptonite?

    Mine is caramel and maple. Oh I just drool when I am faced with Esther Price sea salt caramels or maple flavored anything expect bacon. :lol:
  6. MomofmanyKidlets

    I got BTE !!

    I got BTE ReSound an older model because that was what I could afford. Of course I have not purchased them yet and I go back next week to have them adjusted or try another pair. Seems like my right aid has a constant shhh sound.... I suppose it needs adjusted. I can say, I Hear a lot more. :lol:
  7. MomofmanyKidlets

    Buying aids

    I have an appointment with the Hearing Center on Saturday. This is my first look into actually buying aids using care credit and to my knowledge only place in my are that takes payments. Anyway, What are some things I should as about? to make sure I get an aid I will like and can use?:hmm:
  8. MomofmanyKidlets

    Dealing with Family Help

    I explained to my mother that I was looking at hearing aids one day when she called me. She got all serious and asked me who needed them. I said I do this was followed by a snicker and full out laugh from her. I suppose I should have hung up and I really wish I had. She then teasingly asked me...
  9. MomofmanyKidlets

    All about deaf kids fair

    If anyone lives near Cincinnati March first is All about deaf kids fair. They have a face book page. Free Fun Family Activities for families with deaf and hearing members =>FAMILY FRIENDLY COSTUMES ENCOURAGED Its at Cincinnati Christian University
  10. MomofmanyKidlets

    Hello from the peanut gallery

    Hi my name is Karen I recently had a hearing test and yes I know you can't fail them as I am told but I did. :ty: I am new to the this world of realizing I don't hear/catch what everyone is saying. I think people mumble ALOT! I have been using closed captions on my t.v for over a year. I don't...