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  1. that1hearingguy

    Anyone in Kansas?

    Hey there! I would love to meet any Deaf people in Kansas. I'm hearing but I know ASL and would love to hang out and get a chance to practice my sign lol if there is anyone who is interested, or just wants to talk online, let me know.
  2. that1hearingguy

    ASL fluent hearing guy

    Hey everyone! My name is Tim, I hail from Kansas, U.S. I am fluent in ASL and I love the Deaf community, as well as making movies. Looking at going to Colorado Film School next year and after that, I making movies for the Deaf, about Deaf issues. Actually my senior project is making a film about...
  3. that1hearingguy

    Any Deaf girls looking for a hearing guy?

    Hullo. My name is Tim and I'm 18, hailing from KS. U.S. I am hearing though I am fluent in ASL and I love the Deaf community. I am mostly just looking for friendship but can be more, I'm not out to find a dating relationship is basically whatI'm saying. I prefer girls in the area but I will do...