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  1. sequoias

    Have you ever used this?

    Apartment Ratings :: The leading source of apartment reviews by renters for renters. Some of the reviews sounds like a horror story come true. Do you guys ever look at the reviews before leasing an apartment or something like that? Is it accurate or just drama spinning out of control...
  2. sequoias

    Rent to Income ratio

    This link below tells you about the rent to income ratio. Do apartment managers figure out the income to qualify for renting an apt, if you don't make as much? My ex and I paid $1335 a month for a 2 bedroom townhome and we made less than what the chart said. Rent To Income: How Much...
  3. sequoias

    40 Maps that Explain the World

    40 maps that explain the world Interesting to check it out.
  4. sequoias

    Rustoleum NeverWet

    So this product is finally here, don't know when it arrived to the public. Too bad it is only a one time application, doesn't last forever and UV rays will destroy it. It's kinda like spraying paint on a surface. Rust-Oleum Stops Rust 18 oz. NeverWet Multi-Purpose Spray Kit-274232 at...
  5. sequoias

    Data Cap with My ISP

    I have heard some Alldeaf members have got data caps earlier, now my ISP is announcing their data cap roll out on September. We are writing to inform you about changes Mediacom is making to its Internet terms of service. Although these changes won’t affect the way about 98% of our...
  6. sequoias

    cargo trailer search

    We are moving next year and need to find a cheap but good cargo trailer to move just a few furniture and big objects. U haul trailers are too expensive for just moving one way. They want $700 for the biggest trailer, not worth the price. Moving trucks are over $1,000 easily. My friend...
  7. sequoias

    Here's for ya Dereksbicycles

    All the talk about turbo cars made this movie happen. ;-)
  8. sequoias

    Back to The Reality

    Well...I returned from a month long vacation. It was a blast and put about 6,200 miles on the rental car. We went to Mt. Rushmore, a ghost town with 1880's stuff in it, Yellowstone National Park, Washington state for a week, visited Multnomah Falls in Oregon and stayed in California for 2...
  9. sequoias

    iPad magican named iSimon!

    Amazing! Check out his youtube channel for his magic tricks up his sleeves. :-) Digital Magic - YouTube
  10. sequoias

    Harlem Shake Washer....

    Looks like that washing machine is flopping around like crazy! Somebody put in a powerful electric motor and beefed it up.
  11. sequoias

    OBD-II Bluetooth Adapter

    I have seen several on and Ebay for less than $15, even some for less than $10. I have a check engine light on my car since couple of weeks. IT came on when the temperatures warmed up in the morning after a cold day. Check engine usually happens in spring time months on my car...
  12. sequoias

    Whats your dream location?

    Wirelessly posted (sent from a smartphone. ) If I had the money, my dream location would be San Juan Islands in Washington state, a nice house in Hawaii or even in California. Those are my three choices. Edited: If it's outside the United States, I would pick someplace with tropical...
  13. sequoias

    Your opinion about Oregon

    I couldn't find the right category to post this, so had to post in General Chat. What's your opinion about Oregon? How's the deaf community over there? Are they generally uptight or friendly to newcomers? Portland, of course doesn't have as diverse economy as Seattle or San Francisco...
  14. sequoias

    My Minature Daschund named Bella.

    She's 8 months old and her birthday is on August 15th. She's a smart but a stubborn dog! That's the nature of daschunds. :-)
  15. sequoias

    A Return of the Dead!

    Yep, I'm back!!! I haven't been here since more than 1 year. How's everybody doing since? :-)
  16. sequoias

    Diesel vehicles outside of the US.

    I've noticed that diesel vehicles are much more common outside the US, which is a fact. I'm sure many of you already know that. Recently, my friend went to Costa Rica few weeks ago and he rented a Mitsubishi SUV with 4 cylinder diesel with 5 speed manual transmission. He said it has...
  17. sequoias

    Do you miss....

    Put anything in here related what you miss the features in vehicles that no longer exist. I miss the 3rd row seats that were mounted backwards in old station wagons. I loved watching cars in the back or the scenery as well.
  18. sequoias

    Problems with Adobe Flash Player

    I have noticed problems with the Flash Player 11.1 on Mac OS X 10.7.2. For example, when I watch movie/videos on When it shows the commercial then stops playing at the end, it won't switch to the beginning of the movie. It stays like that there. There is the same problem in...
  19. sequoias

    Inline 6 vs V6 (gasoline and diesel)

    This is a discussion about inline 6 and V6 engines. I noticed that older vehicles have inline 6 engines but they replaced them with V6 engines. I don't really like V6 engines because of reliabity issues in general. What's your opinion on the changes?
  20. sequoias

    Food Stamps denied, mother shoots daughter and son and kills herself, all die.

    Texas mom who shot kids, killed self in standoff was denied food stamps, official says - Crimesider - CBS News (CBS/AP) SAN ANTONIO - Authorities say a 12-year-old girl shot by her mother Tuesday during a standoff at a Texas welfare office in Laredo has died. Laredo police spokesman Joe...