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    6-year-old takes family car after missing bus

    6-year-old takes family car after missing bus - Yahoo! News
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    What's your opinion of it based on your experience? I think they can be helpful with the right person if you sense a change in you that's helping you, but I think some counselors don't help at all or sound like a textbook telling you things you already know.
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    Scarlett Johansoon Snotty Tissue on Ebay

    Scarlett Johansson puts snotty tissue on eBay - Celebrities- Gross! I know the money's going to charity, but apart from this...what's sane about what she did :roll:? OWN TISSUE FROM SCARLETT JOHANSSON & SAM JACKSON - eBay (item 220331665273 end time Dec-22-08 21:35:00 PST)
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    I got one person asking if the item I have is still available with a normal e-mail. I said, yes, and to let me know if he's interested without giving out a phone. He replied with a dumb scam to give him a bank address, p.o. box, more photos of the item, and that his company would pick it up...
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    Liberal Arts Major

    What kind of career can you make with a Liberal Arts major?
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    Gallaudet and CI or oral students

    I am curious. I have been told that Gallaudet's students are more Deaf Power and real Proud of their Deaf culture. This is what I have been told. I am curious though. I know things have changed, and I know that not just Deaf people who only use ASL goes to this school. I know that there...
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    Calling a Job interviewer

    What have you found to be the best way to reach an interviewer when they leave you a message or call you about an application that you filled out? It doesn't matter which way. If you used the phone, webcaptel, relay, vrs, text messaging, e-mail, etc., feel free to post. Thank you for your...
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    Roomba Kitty

    Roomba Kitty and other videos on Isn't this adorable?! A few kittens do tolerate vacuums. I saw some kittens in that site that tolerated being vacuumed for getting rid of hair instead of brushing.
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    Thanksgiving Food

    What food are you looking forward to eating at Thanksgiving?
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    Keyboard Cleaning

    How do you clean Keyboards? Also, do you like those air spray cans that clean between the keys?
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    Question about Med-El

    I have seen the new Med-El device, and I see that it has now a handheld device to control the programs instead of a toggle switch on the BTE itself. Does that mean that current Med-El recipients can only control the volume, etc. using the handheld device? Here's a pic: MED-EL Cochlear...
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    MSN Messenger

    Does anyone know if you can use MSN Messenger without having to download it into your computer? I know that AIM allows this.
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    Captioned Media

    I realize that they will only loan out videos for those who are k-12 students or family members of a deaf or hard of hearing student or professional. Why the change? Anyone know?
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    Officials: Alleged skinhead plot not fully formed

    Officials: Alleged skinhead plot not fully formed - Yahoo! News Doesn't anyone have felt concern about Obama's race being a problem? When's the country going to be ready for non-white people taking a job as President? Oprah's a billionaire, and millions respect her. What's the difference...
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    After Joe the Plumer, Joe the Hothead?

    After Joe the Plumber, Joe the Hothead? - Yahoo! News
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    Kitchen Help

    Okay, there's a job that is generally kitchen help, but it also includes taking orders. I know noise is a problem, and if someone doesn't speak up well...forget it. How do you nail it at the interview to be exempted from taking orders?
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    HLAA/CI chapters

    Do any of you attend the Hearing Loss Association of America or Cochlear Implant chapter in your area?
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    ubiduo face to face communicator

    sComm | Freedom Through Communication Anyone seen this? Have you tried it? It seems like a cool device. Not bad in cost.
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    CI mapping records

    Hello! I need to know your opinion. I have been to switched to three CI centers. The first CI center gave me copies at every mapping sessions of a report. I didn't have to ask for it. The second CI center did at first, but then it was on and off with mapping records. I am now at this...
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    Good Luck Chuck

    This is one gross movie. Anyone seen it. I don't know how these people go on movies to perform gross acts.