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    deaf chat talk help meeting

    Please don't be hard on those that don't start with an introduction! I am one of the people that had not heard of the idea of starting with an introduction much less a whole thread until coming here as my first deaf forum. If you are not part of what I have learned about Deaf Culture after...
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    What are you thinking about? Part VIII

    Peanut because it is made of peanuts. Butter because it is a similar consistency to room temp. butter.
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    What if......

    Then get the AC unit that can be used over and over for years.
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    Planing on getting CI

    Google scholars???? What made you think most of us would look there?
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    people thinking i'm faking deafness...

    What I find helpful about the corded mic is it can be held closer to the sound source (someone talking in person, computer speaker, TV speaker, etc.) and still get the screen of the phone in a position that is easy for me to read. I wear trifocal glasses so where the phone screen is makes more...
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    If there were a cure for hearing loss would you take it

    Agreed. I wish more of those that would not would tell us why!
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    What if......

    Wait a few months and it will. The hot and sticky is seasonal.
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    Planing on getting CI

    I tried to do what you suggest and could not find anything. Just what did you put in the search box?
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    people thinking i'm faking deafness...

    You might refer to yourself as late deafened. And explain thus you can talk but some pitches and/or accents on in the range you have lost. Manya-hoh The amount of hearing I have currently is similar to yours but when I lost what is very different. I lost all hearing in my left ear at the age...
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    Is There A Voice To Text Device In One Hand Held Device?

    I use Live Transcribe on a phone with the Android OS. I do not know about ones for Iphone's IOS. As well as one on one conversation I use it regularly for the part of a church service that goes over the regular sound system; but it has problems with comments from the congregation that are...
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    Audiology Appointment Set For August 31st

    Is that VA audiologist a CI Audiologist rather than just a general audiologist? That special training can make a real difference in the outcome.
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    What are you thinking about? Part VIII

    Both Barbaro and Authentic have been around here long enough (Barbaro 2007 and Authentic 2005) to know that politics is not allowed any longer as a topic for discussion.
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    Planing on getting CI

    In comparing brands you might want to got to this forum It is run by Advanced Bionics but also has a few members with other brands. They do offer the what they call a "T-mic" that sits at the opening to the ear and keeps you from having to hold a phone differently...
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    What would you do if you were asked to speak in public while deaf?

    I am not active at a local senior center, although I am old enough, but I have been to numerous events/meetings where self introduction is used. Even as a very hard of hearing person I have no problem with the idea. I do miss what many of the others are saying but I prefer putting up with that...
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    Cochlear Implant Forums

    I use #675 batteries for a hearing aid and I have read of people that have gotten a hold of that version when they really wanted the version for a CI. You might want to double check for that if your disposable CI batteries are numbered 675
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    Post your gas prices Part II

    According to Gas Buddy for Centralia, IL they are $1.87 -$1.89 depending on which station you go to April 16, 2020 (right before noon Central Daylight Time)
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    Old way to cope with allergy

    It occurred to me this morning some of us old timers may still have an old fashioned way of coping with allergy drainage! Do you still have some handkies, also known as handkerchiefs, around? If you run out of tissues, dig the hankies out and use them as being cloth they can be washed and reused.
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    What did you learn today? Part II

    I knew of the restaurants doing it or drive-thru before the lock down and neglected to mention it. I was wondering about places that just started now and will they be deciding to stay with it when they didn't have to.
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    What did you learn today? Part II

    You just made me wonder if some of the items that are now curbside pickup will turn out to be so convenient for people that selling the product that way will continue after the "stay at home" orders?
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    Facial Masks- COVID-19

    It looks to me like HEB must be a grocery store. Barbaro, the things you just described or where I am thinking Live Transcribe would help.