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  1. Grummer

    "cause stalking" gangstalking mobbing "kiwi" lolcows

    hear ya, some more weed tis safer
  2. Grummer

    Facial Masks- COVID-19

    stop wearing masks full stop, go watch any recorded interviews in London Real website , look for YOUR FAMOUS ROBERT KENNEDY < he SPOKE in there!!
  3. Grummer

    hi frisky ,,,, how going covid stupidty is nuts

    hi frisky ,,,, how going covid stupidty is nuts
  4. Grummer

    What if......

    what if one of your member survived cancer by using andreochrome, ban them? you should
  5. Grummer

    Which AD'er are you wondering about?

    thinking about significance of Bourdieu 's "cultural capital" and the digital divide...
  6. Grummer

    Are you "embarrassed" by your hearing loss?

    Yes get very embarrassed now, never used to, now its like i cant buy back 50 damn years, all "mishaps" seemed to be explained to me, all my fault, , now worse off even more, so even more embarrassed. im not just 'deaf', the world out there the hearies are actually behaviourally 'deaf' !! sigh
  7. Grummer

    What was the last movie you watched?

    its a not-so-recent-been around a while now, "War dogs", it's entertainment , and true story
  8. Grummer

    Ader from years ago

    Sneaking in a peek, ha, another ex-Ader lurks....heee heee ha ha
  9. Grummer

    Why do Deaf people feel ignored by many?

    Rosa Parks style, um, now explain this? i have no idea whats "Rose Parks" or its a who ??
  10. Grummer

    are you still in New York?

    are you still in New York?
  11. Grummer

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Silver Dream Racer, on my Dune network player...
  12. Grummer

    Treatment of disabilities in higher ed

    all this creates complacency, and thus this lack of motivation to voice out concerns regarding struggles in higher education, oh not forgetting ways how schools are 'allowed' to create their own stances on these matters, taking away powers from d/Deaf people. its not the 1990s anymore....people...
  13. Grummer

    Treatment of disabilities in higher ed

    yes, i realise that, (UK spelling with a z not s btw),see the problem is lack of honest information with impartiality is the result of combination of both media and cultural 'influences' from internal politics, from within the deaf community, and external politics, medical institutions...
  14. Grummer

    Treatment of disabilities in higher ed

    not scoffing at you, but this is really old news now, has been going on for the last ten years, 30 years ago, it was vogue to increase social mobility across a wide range of life choices, now it stripped back right down and the only 'mobility to climb social ladders' are only available to those...
  15. Grummer

    Treatment of disabilities in higher ed

    its like this, i can't speak (write) off such in a sentence or would take me to do a whole 2,500 words or a chapter to express a stance, a phenomenon of such a matter of the 'new right' ideology which affects im largely misunderstood, as I dont write to ordinary...
  16. Grummer

    Treatment of disabilities in higher ed

    hmm do you know why there's a lack of advocacy? its because of the trend/mindset which admins LIKES to use , that is, "equality" to mean we are all equal , so they think no adjustments to be made...its just a re-newed ignorance with a economic rationale.......its bloody awful. i been through it...
  17. Grummer

    What are you doing right now? Part II

    I am some sipping Auschentoshan Three Woods Whisky from Lowland, Scotland, very nice
  18. Grummer

    Pics of you - Part V

  19. Grummer

    What sport you think should be banned in U.S?

    Game hunting
  20. Grummer

    Japanse Scientists Cook Up Ways To Put False Memories Into Your Brain, To Help You Of Course...

    now, thats one step closer , applying memory implants to lab grown babies.....anyone remember "The Island" sci-fi flick?