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    Now Been Announced

    Toledo, Ohio is 3rd most livable place in the world. 2nd is Lyon, France,, 1st place is one of the city in Sweden. I was impressed by that announcement. Congrats to the city of Toledo. Maumee, Ohio (Toledo suburban was named All- American city of 2007. This sure must be a special place here...
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    Toledo, Ohio, Most Liveable City In Da World?

    I'm surprise by the news announcement, in London, leaders from all over the world gathered and share their testimonies about their city. Oddly, Toledo, Ohio been picked one of the final 5 along with other cities in China, France, New Zealand and not know what other city is. Announcement will be...
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    Ever Try Bowflex

    Lately, I have been working out on my bowflex for long time, but havent been for about 7 yrs before I go back into it a month ago to get back in shape. wonder if anyone of you ever try bowflex, its really worth it. This pic, one sent me which thought it was me, but it isnt, this is what my body...
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    Thought to share recent pic of me

    This is me which I love this Cross I bought at Deaf Expo in Columbus back in APril
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    Sick and ungodly act news and misusing

    ABC News: Man Defends Killing Gay Victim
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    To All I havent say welcoming

    To all those i havent say Welcome to alldeaf due of busyness and behind by catching up, so I say :welcome::welcome::welcome::welcome::welcome::welcome::welcome: To alldeaf and hope you will enjoying it here.
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    anybody notice anything?

    CONGRATS TO PACMAN OVAH 8000 POST AKA POST HO' TEEHEE:giggle: :party: :party: :party:
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    Proof Of God's Love

    That is the proof of God's Love. Like disciple asked, " Show us the Father", Jesus said," If you seen me, You have seen the Father, bec Father and I are One." Meaning? God-The Father, God-The Son, and God-The Holy Spirit equal One God. As in Psalm 110 says, "The Lord (Father) says to my Lord...
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    Dark times

    Let you know, it was stunned and unexpected. Last Wednesday, my bf's uncle passed away and he's in the 40s. His (bf's) grandfather kept calling him(uncle) several days, no answer till last wednesday, grandfather and dad went to check on him and noone answer door, so went to landlord, and then...
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    Pic of Father/daughters banquet

    this pic was few years back, i say mmm, couldnt remember, lol
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    Remembering The Risen Lord

    Remembering The Resurrection Lord How precious this week is. In christian world called this week as a HOLY WEEK and Jews likewise. As for jews, remembering God had delivered the Hebrews from Egypt and seeing how powerful God really is than Egyptian gods, so called Passover. As for christians...
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    Got Pix Of My Two Girls On Other Thread

    Hey ya'll, wanna see my pix of my two daughters, shown in pictures/video sections. winks
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    This Is My Two Precious Daughters

    Here is my two precious angels whom I love so dearly. And not know when, will have a pic of 3 of us together while to put it on file later. Not know when.
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    Cpu Wiped Out!!!!!

    Sorry, I am sooooo behind in this, computer cpu was wiped out last thurs, and today (monday), the guy came in and checked, it was dead completely, so had been replaced. So everything been gone. Oh well. Dew da whole thang ovah again.
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    St Patrick's Party

    My Bf Wants Me To Announce Everyone, All Of Ya'll Re Invited To St Patrick's Party On March 17th. Wear Green Is 3.00 Without Green Its 5.oo. Having Food And Games. Its At Toledo Deaf Club At 1809 Adams St In Downtown. Come And Have Fun
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    Happy Birthdays

    Lately, I haven't wish lot of birthdays, but easier for me to say between Jan 1 to this day, i say :dance2: :birthday: :rockon: :dj: :cheers: :popcorn: :angel: :h5: :party: :wave: :dance2:
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    Pop Trip

    One day, there is a man name Mr. Pibbs, he wasn't feeling well. So he went to his doctor. His doctor's name is Dr. Pepper. He noticed something doesn't look good. So the Dr. Pepper said, you need to stop using coke and enjoying life of nature, take a vacation. So, Mr. Pibbs do what the doctor...
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    Worn Out, But Still Striving

    **TAKING A BREATH, PANTING*** Whew, 400 more to go to make 1000, **DRYING MY SWEAT***
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    Ask Christlovedeaf Anything

    Fire Away, If You Wanna Know More About Me, Smile