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  1. knightwolf68

    Las Vegas Photos

    nice pic of myself with alex and jiro as i didn't realize that he was there that night ohh my baddd !!!!! otherwise I really have a HUGE BLAST TIME IN LV. WISH I COULD MEET MORE PPL
  2. knightwolf68

    AllDeaf Meet @ DeafNation World Expo, July 2010

    hello i will be there in LV any of you want to meet me as u can find me at darts place in these morning as u can find the schedule there in deafnation .. as i look same old farts from that pic but will wear the grey old fashion hat that way u can reconzie me in no times and tap on my shoulder...
  3. knightwolf68

    anyone are going to National darts tournament of the deaf in Ohio???

    lol ... same here i like steel tips better than soft tips but i don't mind to play soft tips to meet new faces to social ... also are u aware of that there is soft tips tournament in las vegas this july 19th till 22nd during deafnation world expo which i have heard by words of the mouth that i...
  4. knightwolf68

    anyone are going to National darts tournament of the deaf in Ohio???

    anyone plans to go to Ohio this June ( first weekend ) ???? if u want to have the flyer i will be happy to send u the flyer so please give me ur email in my inbox and i will check and send u the flyers by the way, it is Soft Tip darts tournament ... I will be there for sure .... and i am...
  5. knightwolf68

    Unofficial AllDeaf Map - Post Your Location!

    scratch my head ummmmmmm picture won't work for me to input and not show up ... any suggest ???
  6. knightwolf68

    This is why you shouldn't park in front of a fire hydrant

    the fireman have the right to break the window of the car to get hose through ... The owner is the loser to think about it ... it will embrass the owner to pay the fine and window what more ??? insurance will go up on the owner .. no kidding
  7. knightwolf68

    DTV for the Deaf

    Dtv with cc is very horrible that I ever seen cc is delay time not finish convestion at end for commerical time etc .... very horrible I wish I know where to file complaint against all of station for horrible cc I ever seen
  8. knightwolf68

    For Steel Darts Player

    Good news.... I am the founder for Deaf Steel Darts Tournament in Denver,Co. As well we will announce the dates and info in next few months. Who are interest to fellow up the info. You may reach me through my private message here as I will try come back and check and ensure include ur email and...
  9. knightwolf68

    Webcam Crew Sign In!

    count me in give me a words in PM as same sn here ..
  10. knightwolf68

    curious who will be at ??

    who will be at Indy for deaf dart tourment during june 1st until june 3rd ? if ur going .. are u going there as fans or player to shoot ? I will be there for sure as player !
  11. knightwolf68

    Need ur help to guide me round with logitech webcam..

    finally got it work so now how can i fix the motion to stop move as it drive me nuts ... as i did set off from face tracking and it won't work to stop it .. any suggest ??
  12. knightwolf68

    Need ur help to guide me round with logitech webcam..

    yeah i did that ... and still not work huh ummm..... i did click on owl with graduate hat then click on camera selector then i click on logitech pro 5000 then it appear on box then all sudden it disappear as it won't stick in and reconnect on quickcapture ... and no luck at all huh ummm...
  13. knightwolf68

    Need ur help to guide me round with logitech webcam..

    LOL very funny!! yeah I am in Denver ... i don't have any problem with air being thin here cuz i grew up ... so back to the subject and wait for someone to help me out arrrgghhh lol
  14. knightwolf68

    Need ur help to guide me round with logitech webcam..

    Hello... The reasons I ask for help as i am using xp window here ... and somehow logitech upgrades on my webcam within unexpect ... then i got logitech quickcam download itself ... as i thought it was awesome tab etc ... but one problem is that i can't get my webcam to show up so i can record...
  15. knightwolf68

    yet another offical AD thread pictures part 3

    oct 2nd pic of me just took the pic at 2 pm on oct 2nd
  16. knightwolf68

    knightwolf68's pic

    I just decide why not add the pic of myself here smile.... and can u guess which one is me ??? i will come back and check to see who is right .. hehe ... have fun ...
  17. knightwolf68

    knightwolf68's pic

    wow ur being brilliant that's correct i am from Denver ... i grew up in Colorado.. especially three different states that i have been residents for awhile but i grew up round here .. u saw me in the jeep it is sidekick suzski 96' oh yes it need to be replace asap eeeeekkkkk !! lol .. but...
  18. knightwolf68

    knightwolf68's pic

  19. knightwolf68

    knightwolf68's pic

    Its me took pic last round may i think... as on avatar what u see is what i look like now ..
  20. knightwolf68

    what heck?? why not?? (for single ladies only )