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  1. Ondreea

    Switched at birth?

    so i finally caved and started watching Switched at Birth. I like the story and a bit of the drama, also i love when i know a sign they do and picking up signs along the way. Im only on the first season. Although i enjoy it i'm hearing and i want to know what yall think of the show? Pros and...
  2. Ondreea place to learn?

    so ive been learning from this website called there first course is free and ive really enjoyed it. I feel they've been putting the right about of teaching and importance on culture and grammer etc, ive been learning quiet a bit and they list a bunch of resources to use ...but as a...
  3. Ondreea

    Events in wisconsin?

    hello! I was wondering if anyone knows of any events that will take place in Wisconsin? Ive looked around and havent found like anything in my area. Idk if im jusr not looking in the rights places
  4. Ondreea

    Beginner of asl, a bit nurvous, but excited☺️

    Hello! Im hearing and new to ASL, ive been wanting to learn since i was very little and finally ive decided to start! Im learning online as of now with a free course and once im done i want to move forward. I'll admit im a bit nurvous! Even with only a bit of learning i can see tht the deaf...