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    friend from lansing, mi

    looking for my friend susie hickey (i think she remarried then got divorced. i don't know married last name) we met at madonna college. i moved to lansing and found her moving there too. her son is david and had another son too. let her know that i am looking for her. she should be in around 60...
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    why do interpreter hate hearing

    sometime i don't trust them and i never have one to help me. i depend on my husband who is hearing. we were steady 3 months, and then 6 months later we got married, it's been 30 yrs and still together. i was with another deaf guy for 2 year then one month before the wedding he broke up with me...
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    it's crazy world

    hello all, ever have a parents that controlling u just cuz u are deaf. i was only deaf in last in 5 family. this was in the 50's, it's not an easy world which there was no such things as child abuse. mom didn't want to be pregnant and when i was born, she's abandon me. an alcoholic dad and my...