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  1. BornMellow

    Twinkies is going out of business !

    :wave: I'm a local, I read in the newspaper that the reason the employees had issue was the company itself was asking more and more of the employees, there was an employee that was open about her pay, she was paid $10 dollar a hour, after many years of service. Its the typical companies...
  2. BornMellow

    Whose choice is it?

    THIS is the MAIN issue right there, Derek. Did she want this or not. My heart goes to her if she truly was raped. Regardless of a persons mental capability, They do have the same human rights as we do, have sex. It is a human thing to desire sex. If you 100 percent automatically assume she...
  3. BornMellow

    Born with severe to profound hearing loss; hearing aids only

    I am profound deaf, am too profound that I can't hear nothing on the audio test. They dont bother anymore testing my hearing I recently went to the ear doctor he did not even bother doing the audio test. I do wish there are more options with hearing aids on my level however I had no choice but...
  4. BornMellow

    Who is single here?

    This thread needs to retire.
  5. BornMellow

    **MENSA** May the luck be with you?

    Very interesting comment. Commons. Dislike of deaf "intellectuals" labeling themselves more than what they are. This is a more of a smoke and mirror thing in my opinion with people ONLINE. There are people that are more real in person than what they claim to be online. I have my own...
  6. BornMellow

    **MENSA** May the luck be with you?

    If Mensa is entertaining like The Big Bang Theory show then I'm all for it if they had the deaf version! Gimme the test, gimme me the rites of passage, hazing and whatnots that comes with the territory.
  7. BornMellow

    Applied to Iowa School for the Deaf!

    Hope there are enough deaf staff there to be role models for kids at the dorms....hearing ones do not cut the mustard oftentimes but there are few that has proven me wrong.
  8. BornMellow

    My new dog

    most of states like my states BAN any hybrid of wolf. So no its not ALL americans but yes there are some people breeding wolves and crossing them with domestic dogs which I find it scary. Once they're in the wild, there are more and more wolves and coyotes less afraid of people. theyre getting...
  9. BornMellow

    My new dog

    That's what I've been telling too many people, there are so many more breeds out there that beats a pit for a specific trait. I love pits, they get bad rap for everything. Dont get me wrong, my dad's side of family are heavy on huskies. Still has husky in the family. I find out that the...
  10. BornMellow

    Taking the "dangerous" dog notch too far

    the neighbor is the key witness. Hope the case falls apart and the man is charged with b and e to the fullest. Praying for Duke who was doing his job!
  11. BornMellow

    Would you kiss him?

    I would if hes all shaved including the eyebrows. He got potential as his eyes are very cool. Would give the rock good run for his cuteness factor.
  12. BornMellow

    Posting items to sell on different forums...

    Nothing wrong with it at all. I sell some stuff on different forums myself and some of my customers are newbies themselves that has never contributed to a discussion. I do find forums to be boring at times and have nothing to add to the discussions that already has been stated. Its both ways...
  13. BornMellow

    Any deaf or HH woman close to Saint John, NB Canada

    Curious why youre limited yourself to your area when youre online and say only near your area and not out and about meeting people in person I know you have kids but they're the deal breaker for half of the women out there? There are online dating sites for the deaf and this site could also be...
  14. BornMellow

    Gallaudet under fire after official placed on leave over ballot signature

    Anyone could have signed her name, or put her name in the petition that did not like her at all. The university reacted too strong on their stance and I do see this as a lawyers feeding frenzy on her side to get her case in to sue the state of Maryland and even get more in damages if she ends up...
  15. BornMellow

    Mentally challanged woman attacked

    I work with MI/DD clients, I understand your feeling. There are too many people out there that prey upon the defenseless, the weak, the elderly, the young, the innocents out there regardless of the situation.
  16. BornMellow

    Mentally challanged woman attacked

    eye for eye makes the world go blind :shock:
  17. BornMellow

    Man dies after live roach-eating contest in Fla.

    Perhaps he was allergic to them to some degree. I know I'm allergic to roaches and didnt know until the allergist said it when one of the test sites reacted and it was roach eww. I do itch really bad when a building or house has roaches I just know when I start itching and have to leave.
  18. BornMellow

    Tie sales to donations?

    Question, what makes you think about donating money to a cause?