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  1. Bipul Mahipal

    Cochlear and resound

    I brought cochlear nucleus 6(right) and hearing aid resound enzo2(9)(left) with phone clip and multi mic one week ago. It is amazing that i can talk without face to face. My friends who are not deaf; normal person, were shock that i can listen cleared and it was fun. I am very happy to right choice.
  2. Bipul Mahipal

    What Can I Do For Job Or Which Job I Should Do

    Hii AD... I am from india and i want to job/work in canada or usa or australia. I can speaking in English and I am using cochlear impalnt at right ear and hearing aid at left ear. I have 3 years degree not 4 years degree (Bechlor of Commerce). So what should i do?:confused: I am just confusing...
  3. Bipul Mahipal

    Make Friends

    Hiii how are you everyone? I am from India, Nice to meet you all.
  4. Bipul Mahipal


    hi.. AD, I am Bipul from India. I would like to make lot of friends with fun