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  1. silverhawknike

    ZVRS have bad customer service!

    The title says it all! :roll: Anyway, ZVRS NEED to IMPROVE their customer service department. Email not answering. Call hold too long. Agents sitting in wrong place. Poor workstation. Poor response to people's complaint. Blah blah Just... man.. I did some ZVRS reviews when I got them in...
  2. silverhawknike

    Give personal info to VRS's interpreters?

    Hi everybody!:wave: I have some questions for VRS and I would like to get some answers/opinions. Do you give personal information to VRS interpreters? I mean like do you give them SSN or credit card info? I get nervous when they ask me for SSN or credit card. Then I told them no and say I...
  3. silverhawknike

    WANTED: mains isolation cable

    Im currently looking for mains isolation cable for my N5 processor. Paypal is accepted! Fyi.. can I just buy cheap $15-20 surge protector adapter thingy? Like this one? : PAC SNI-1/3.5 3.5mm Ground Loop Isolator : Electronics thanks!
  4. silverhawknike

    Sorenson shut down SIPRelay on July 31

    I got this email from Sorenson Communication. SIPRelay® service will permanently cease on July 31, 2013 at 4 p.m. MDT. We were grateful to provide the service for over 8 years and appreciate everyone who used SIPRelay. The new FCC compensation rates for IP Relay are too low to provide the...
  5. silverhawknike

    Sprint Relay Data Plan

    Hey everyone! Right now, I currently have aging Samsung Epic 4G with Sprint Relay Data for $40 a month. Right now, I want to buy Galaxy S4 but Sprint is making me to get new plan WHICH is $44.99 PLUS $10. EQUAL $55 PLUS TAX. Hearing people can keep their old plan and why we cant!?! Honestly, I...
  6. silverhawknike

    Cochlear implant surgery this Monday!

    Hey you guys :). I decided to spill the bean and well.. Im getting cochlear implant this Monday!. So Exciting and nervous too lol. I will getting Nucleus Freedom/CI24RE implant. I will be implanted at House Ear Clinic and St Vincent hospital. I hear that clinic is really good. And my activation...
  7. silverhawknike

    CI surgery estimate

    My private insurance cover the cochlear implant and the processor but I have to pay $500 plus 20% for outpatient surgery. Is that mean Im expected to pay at least $4,500 dollars? Seem expensive.. 0_o I also have CCS (California Children's Services in short) and CalOptima MediCal. Can they help...
  8. silverhawknike

    Hi there!

    Hola! :D Im new to Alldeaf forum. :wave: I didnt know that there is a website for deaf and hard of hearing people (and ofc hearing people too!). Very interesting. Fact about me. My name is Shane and I have deaf mom and hard of hearing dad and have 2 hearing brothers and 2 hearing sisters. Im...