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  1. GrayEagle

    What food are you craving?

    Coffee and wheat-containing snacks and foods. I was told wheat & caffeine make inflammation worse for arthritis. So I have stopped drinking coffee (herbal non-caffeine teas only now :shock:) and have cut down wheat to one serving/day. It's helping, along with the acupuncture. But I sure do miss...
  2. GrayEagle

    Special license plates for the hearing-impaired

    I don't think I'd want a license plate to advertise I am HOH. But, then, people with other mobility disabilities get them so they can park in the handicapped parking spaces. So, are they any more a potential victim than a Deaf or HOH person with special plates? Not sure. I like better the idea...
  3. GrayEagle

    What are you thinking about? Part VI

    Glad I started acupuncture for my arthritis so I can get off the ibuprofen. :aw:
  4. GrayEagle

    What are you doing right now?

    Eating a tuna salad sandwich and reading posts here. :D
  5. GrayEagle

    What are you thinking about? Part VI

    Thinking about what the roofer who was here today will quote us as an estimate. The first one was for $7000. :shock:
  6. GrayEagle

    What are you thinking about? Part VI

    Sending hugs, CSign. So hard to lose our furry friends... :(
  7. GrayEagle

    What are you thinking about? Part VI

    Just had a roof estimator come by...waiting for detailed email about the cost. Scary... :shock:
  8. GrayEagle

    911 calls

    Wirelessly posted YES! I don't even know if my special caption phone @ home would work. ??? I know my cell wouldn't and I can't make straight voice calls on the cell (data only) and couldn't understand the 911 operator on a voice only call anyway. :O Good news to know they are addressing...
  9. GrayEagle

    Official AllDeaf Switched At Birth Discussion [tv show on abc family]

    YAY! Today is the day for the new season to begin! WOOT! :D
  10. GrayEagle

    Sidekick 4G end of life

    We left Tmobile when they pulled that crap and killed the SK I had just bought not even a year before, and then wanted me to pay full price for the Android version after being a customer for years. Went to Sprint and have Samsung Galaxy w/ Qwerty keyboard w/ data only coverage. Now with Apple's...
  11. GrayEagle

    Annoying ignorant hearing people stories

    HA! Good for your husband, LOL! :yesway: Sometimes people are just really crass and rude. :roll:
  12. GrayEagle

    Grand Island Preschooler Forbidden Sign Language for His Own Name

    Good news for the child! :aw: Such a huge tempest in a teapot that should *never* have happened in the first place. :roll:
  13. GrayEagle

    Deaf Woman Attacked by Pit Bull

    Exactly! :)
  14. GrayEagle

    What is your favorite food?

    Pasta & Chocolate! :naughty:
  15. GrayEagle

    How are you feeling today?....

    Physically, I am in pain for arthritis. But still I am happy to look forward to new season of Switched at Birth beginning tonight! :rockon: Feeling a little tired as sleep was interrupted w/ pain, but taking it easy today.
  16. GrayEagle

    What are you thinking about? Part VI

    So tired of trying to find an alternate pain relief med besides Ibuprofen. Since I only have one kidney now, they want me off the Ibuprofen for my arthritis. But so far what they offer doesn't work. :roll: I am now trying Neurontin that is supposed to be safe for my kidney, but also helps with...
  17. GrayEagle

    What are you thinking about? Part VI

    So sorry about your neighbor. At least he went peacefully. Wishing strength & comfort to his family and to you.
  18. GrayEagle

    Insurance - yeah right

    Good luck with your insurance paying for them or the VA if you can get quality service from them. I have never had insurance that covered aids. Hearing tests only. Since I started losing my hearing 20 years ago, I've had to get loans to get 4 sets of aids over the years as my hearing drops...
  19. GrayEagle

    Earmold colors?

    I wanted purple ones with my recent new aids. Turned out my audiologist said no-no because I need hyper-allergenic ones and the colors make it riskier to get allergic itchy reactions. So ended up with these kind of pale pinkish ones instead. I couldn't even get pretty colors for the actual aid...
  20. GrayEagle

    Annoying ignorant hearing people stories

    I resent the "I am so sorry" stuff, too. Had an aunt who kept saying it multiple times a day when I visited her after I had to start wearing hearing aids. Finally I told her hey, the grief is over, OK? I went through the fury and anger and grief and tears, and now I just want to get on with my...