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    Deaf events Vancouver

    SFU Woodwards, huh? I spend alot of time in the court yard there watching the performers practise! You should try contacting The Western Institute for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing 604 736 7391 or post on
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    Why I am going through a tough/emotional situation

    Hi there, I don't chat much here, but this post caught my eye and I hope you don't mind my input. I had a very similar thing happen to me when my daughter was 13. My ex lived in another province, and my daughter went to visit him. It was during the school year and the two weeks she...
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    Was I a little harsh?

    I don't think you've been harsh at all. The best thing we can teach our children is that there are consequences for their actions. At 15, he should be able to rise to an alarm clock and recognize he has obligations to get up and get to school. My daughter, who is now 21, also slept in...
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    Different between real and fake friend/dating online

    It could be that this person's self esteem is so low that she feels a true picture of herself isn't adeaquate? Regardless of the reason..its dishonest and sneaky, especially if you're having personal conversations with her and exposing true facts about yourself. If it was me..i'd run.... fast...
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    A sticky situation?

    Tough one, but it seems strange to me that this has arisen now.. about the wedding guest list. If the husband-to- be knew that your friend was still on close terms with her ex, this shouldn't be a surprise to him. I'm surprised that he didn't raise his concerns prior to a wedding guest...
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    Update on my Yorkie

    I'm so glad your yorkie is doing better. I have a maltese, Buddy, who lost all by 4 teeth to gum disease. He had all teeth pulled last year and while I was so concerned about his quality of eating, chewing, protecting himself.. he's done fabulous. He also gained several pounds after...
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    Respect: What does it exactly mean to you?

    While I understand the reasoning behind this, I'm not sure I agree with it. I tend to think respect is given, unless it is "Lost" I try to treat everyone with respect, it's part of being in a civilized community. Having said that, it CAN be lost... if someone lies to me, I lose respect for...
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    The 4 New Moderators are...

    Congrats to all! Its been a while since I paid any attention to who the moderators are.. is there a complete listing of the moderating team?
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    Curious: what do our deaf members do for a living?

    I'm a Job Developer for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, in the process of switching jobs in the same agency, as an employment counselor.
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    I am confused and guilt with my old Cat :( :(

    I'm so sorry to hear about your cat. Its such a difficult situation for those of us who have fur-babies that we love. i truly believe that you will know when its time to let her go and cross the bridge. As was mentioned, I strongly suggest a vet check, if it hasn't already been done. My...
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    Deaf Pets

    Hi everyone..I have a deaf dog. Brandi is a Lhasa Apso cross, that I rescued from the shelter 5 years ago. She is an older 'lady' and her hearing loss is due to age. She can hear when you clap your hands sharply, but has no idea where the sound is. She turns in circles looking everywhere...
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    I have gotten a....

    Congrats on the new job! Sounds like an exciting challenge. What do you anticipate to be embarrassing? Best of Luck to you
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    My baby girl!!

    Congrats on the beautiful Baby Girl. She's adorable! I love the name..its unique but not 'weird'. lol
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    Help Keep AllDeaf Free By Making A Donation

    I pay a subscription for the "Pogo" website each year, but I fully understand that if I don't play by the forum rules, cheat or disrupt the community, I will be banned and will not recieve my subscription back. Its my own actions that result in the punishment, so why would I expect them to...
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    Deaf Dalmatian dogs

    That makes me so angry to think about deaf dogs being put to sleep. As the owner of a deaf fur-baby, I know first hand the joys she brings to me. I have had pple warn me that she will bite, that she'll attack my other dog, that she will be excessively noisy..all becuz of her being deaf. What a...
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    uh oh..sounds name, perhaps?
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    What is your A/S/L ?

    42/f/ Vancouver, B.C. Canada
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    Tennessee father makes 14-year-old son wear sign as punishment for using drugs

    Gotta Love that Tough Love! WTG Dad!
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    Should children be allowed to drink alcohol at home?

    When my daughter was under 16, we had a strict no drinking, no alcohol rule. Coming from an Italian family wine and beer flowed freely at family events and many of her cousins were permitted to sample and drink alcohol at an earlier age. When she turned 16, she was allowed a glass of wine at...
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    Needs some help

    You are " owed " would mean that THEY owe you something. To 'owe' means that you have to give.. but 'to be owed' means that you are to recieve. Hope that helps