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    Can dogs learn ASL?

    Reba, We are ot reply that you were putting down LMM. I add that, Thats why LMM haven't had me reply and/or add post here in a long time. "IF" LMM and/or me were mad at you we would never tell you and/or people questions "Have a great day smile." Now about your your question about ink on...
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    Can dogs learn ASL?

    Reba Are you sure that is done thru the AKC? I thought the AKC just certifies the bloodlines of dogs, and their confirmation to breed standards. When you cerifie throu AKC for your service, You have better service. Then "if" you go throu a site you don't know! There's alot of site people...
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    Can dogs learn ASL?

    Frist off alot of old timers, Know I respone for LMM.( Cuz her frist & only language is ASL) LMM has a Service /seizure/hearie dog I have translated this topic to LMM. Both LMM & my reply is here. Frist when you train your own dog. don't mean afterwards you can take them everywhere you go...
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    How do you dial 911?

    VRSterp Thats true w/older TTD. but the newer ones make no sound, This why if your 911 system is set up to take derict calls from TTD/TTYS You should contact them, To let them know any calls from your home can be from a TTD/TTY. If they don't hear the tones they can switch you over to their...
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    How do you dial 911?

    Nozobo LMM is correct about dail 711 in her town, i won't put her town inform up. But other states inform about 711 . in LMM town on their fire truck it says Daill 711 TTD Calls Maybe you should have ask instead of tell Me I made an error. Smile Here's the other state inform, If need I...
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    How do you dial 911?

    On TTD, you dail 711 for 911 all states in USA don't know about other countrys But here in USA u dail 711. This what LMM does when she need to call 911 on her TTD. V/P same she sign need 711 orp. Then her & VRO relay whats wrong, She like this better, She can show VRO what is wrong. With TTD...
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    deaf people should get ALONG with hearing people

    Yes R2D2 your right! LMM had to relay call her Deaf center this morning cuz of this same promble w/ a hearing person at the hospital she goes too. They wanted her to been see w/o an terp. When she try to write back & forth on paper they didn't understand her & she didn't understand the...
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    DOT PHysical and hearing aids

    Web, Yes The Mac trucks are know for Bull dogs. Their trucks have a Bull dog on the front of their trucks. Trucks w/ a brownie trans. They have two sticks. When you shift, U shift both sticks at same time. You put one arm under your steering wheel,so u can shift & steer at the same time...
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    DOT PHysical and hearing aids

    Back in the 80's LMM recived her DLC... LMM had no hearing what-so-ever in her left ear & 78 dlb loss right ear. She apply to drive for a company w/her terp. but they only way the company boss would hire her is.. To prove she knew how to drive . He told her " If you can drive THAT (pointing...
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    HELP understanding this message

    Our Sponsors Put Your Advertisement Here > Deaf Interests > Sign Language & Oralism HELP understanding this message User Name Remember Me? Password Register FAQ Members List Calendar Today's Posts Search Browse the web faster. Get Firefox...
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    How do you deal with requests for sign name?

    Name signs are the rights of the Deaf Culture and should be given out by Deaf Leader's only ! This is how ppl in your Deaf Community remember u by... Cuz theres so many ppl in your Deaf Community that many have the same name... Smile hope this clears up about who can give out a name sign.
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    We need to change?

    Cole Mom, When your child become teenager or adult, they want to particular deaf community, Will you be upset about their wishes? No, this is exactly why we are using both for our son. We want to provide with him the best of both options, and when old enough, I hope that he feels stong...
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    We need to change?

    Shel LMM wants to know exactly how many have really went in THEIR Community, To vist & chat w/ the Deaf Community. Not just here? Why she question ppl is because The Deaf Communitys across the world is total differnet then here. here you are not see listening to the Community. The Deaf...
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    Jillio Very good venting. hope Lots ppl read your post! this is why LMM don't post, because same reason she was put down for her typing. Yes I have relpy a few times for her. But people even put me down! Sorry to say this, But people here cloud have learn alot from LMM. Her day 7 night...
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    Interpreting Musical Theater

    Cassidia HoHGuyOhio say's "Role shift is an essential part of ASL" Very true in the Deaf Language. Interpretrator say's "Honestly I can't imagine this show being interpreted by fewer than two people. I don't mean because of your skills, because I haven't seen you sign, but because of the...
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    How to record our chat on vp-200?

    Coolie, Starrygaze was asking how to save on her computer ? And yes it can be done. Because grandma LMM does it, Unstead of save on VCR tapes. Thank you for letting other people know how to save on VRC tapes. But You can save on your computer, So if you want to e-mail someone your V/P...
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    How to record our chat on vp-200?

    My Grandma LMM does,But I don't know how she does it.. Hmm will she tell? I will get back later on this. LMM Granddaughter
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    Not Deaf enough??

    Aliboo Even late Deaf as yourself, Learn ASL, Go into your area Deaf Community... The Deaf commuinty & Deaf ppl wqill ACCEPT you. Unless you go there and try to take over orchange them! Yes you have to accect their ways ! Is it hard? No! Yes some may not accept you "IF" you go in the Deaf...
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    Questions and concerns FOR operators

    RO, I have to reply for my grandma LMM because she can't type English very well... Her frist Language is ASL, And I have to terp English thread's. She wanted me to reply to yours. Grandma LMM use both TTD/V/P/ISP RO everyday. She have no trouble w/RO hang up on her. They take the time to...
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    Help with hockey signs

    Jamielee Frist I don't mean to sound hatefull, But Grandma LMM says the same about your signs as Duncan told you. Also on another site you add sign's, Some are not ASL they are SEE... Maybe you should get better help with learning ASL then what you are getting now.