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    Blackberry curve 8330-media player and aim

    Hey there :) I got new blackberry cuvre 8330 but the plm that I cant get aim messenger and tried to avoid to pay like jivetalk and others pay for it so I try to avoid and it seem nothing so I ask here if anyone know where to get free aim messenger for on Blackberry curvre 8330?? I went to...
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    Who have Vista on the computer ?? if have vista on the computer then how can I download photoshop CS 2 or 3 ?? it wont let me to download it from "setup.exe and WinBootstrapper.msi, and also who knows other files too that wont let me to download it that I see the icon "setup.exe" with red...
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    Anyone computer whiz? :)

    Anyone know how to fix the computer? My computer the interent wont let me in with any of msn, yahoo,aim, interent, email, etc that wont let me in My computer is plug into my sister's broadband router of her computer but her computer interent is working but mine not work to enter into the...
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    Do you lick the Envelope??

    Do you lick the envelope and mail it ? I would not like it to lick the envelope cuz it taste awful!! eww lol :lol: so I use little water to damp on the envelope before mail it :)
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    Emoticons under your ScreenName or the post??

    I was thinking in my mind and it pop in my mind cuz I dont know if it is great idea or not! that put the emoticons under your ScreenName or under posts like put face with which like I am tired, I am not in the mood, I am happy, I am flirty, I am crazy, etc with emoticons face something like that??
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    Poor deaf cat :(

    P_81cZt6LNU&mode=related&search Poor this deaf cat keep meowing alots that this person just keep going to use video on this deaf which isnt that not nice of this doing that. It turned me off why cant this person feed deaf cat.
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    Can you read this??

    Can you read this ? lol :lol: I can read this what it said ha :lol: :giggle:
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    A monkey is smart!

    4lUlSjGwkcI&eurl LOL!!! so cute of monkey is so smart hahah .. cute with the dog :giggle:
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    Big Brother 8

    Anyone watch tv show call " Big Brother 8" ?? I watched them all the time .. The guy name Dick went pissed off at other ppl so only the way support his own daughter in big brother .. wow he so mad!!! :lol:
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    Mother Gives Birth to Grandkids

    Mother Gives Birth to Grandkids - AOL Video --Video Woman gives birth to her grandchildren - A Florida woman gave birth to her own grandchildren through ... ---news Woman gives birth to her grandchildren DELRAY BEACH, Fla., July 21 (UPI) -- A Florida woman gave birth to her own...
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    Digital Camera

    I wasnt sure which to put in this thread so I put this in General Chat :) I have my old digtal camera it call " Digital Still camera DSC-P51" but it broken :( .. I was tried to looking store to make cheaper price to repaire but couldnt find them cuz it cost $250 for repair of lens :( but...
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    Car With Disappearing Doors.

    liHkY1_muSo werid huh? lol :lol:
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    Headbanging Cat

    _MHFnn-LCqY Heheh it look cute when the music is on and the cat's head went like rock shaking head lol :lol:
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    My new kitten

    I got new kitten :D My sister's friend is giving away all of the kittens till it was last one so my mom grab it and hold for me till bath him cuz he got lots of fleas :(. My kitten was under the house outside so my mom took him to vet to make sure all are turn it out good so now he is all good...
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    Family seeks answers in death of toddler

    Osprey Media. - St. Catharines Standard - Ontario, CA Family seeks answers in death of toddler Look to clarify details of tragedy that saw three-year-old killed by falling garage door By Matthew Van Dongen, Standard Staff Local News - Thursday, May 24, 2007 Updated @ 6:58:00 PM The...
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    Monkye is upset with bulldog lol haha

    kNRKEZ3HmpQ SO FUNNY!!!!! cute of monkey and dog lol :lol:
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    Baby Bunny Grooming

    oXefposX_r4 Awwww it soooooo cute!!!!! make my heart goes melt!! :lol:
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    Who Drank the orange soda (little boy)

    MySpace Videos: Who Drank the orange soda by ~The Tooth Fairy~ Anyone can hear what this video said from little boy and the lady's voice ? lol This little boy is sooo cute to lied about drink soda lol hahahah :lol:
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    Maid of the Mist employees 'walking around in a daze' following co-worker's death

    Osprey Media. - St. Catharines Standard Maid of the Mist employees 'walking around in a daze' following co-worker's death By GRANT LaFLECHE Local News - Friday, April 27, 2007 Updated @ 8:05:39 PM The crews preparing the Maid of Mist boats for the upcoming tourist season went about...
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    Mona Lisa MS Paint

    uk2sPl_Z7ZU&eurl= Amazing that it paint from MS Paint? wow I cant do that lol :lol: