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  1. GrayEagle

    911 calls

    Wirelessly posted YES! I don't even know if my special caption phone @ home would work. ??? I know my cell wouldn't and I can't make straight voice calls on the cell (data only) and couldn't understand the 911 operator on a voice only call anyway. :O Good news to know they are addressing...
  2. GrayEagle

    My new Resound Veas

    Just got them this Wednesday (ironically just after DH, husband, got laid off; we'd already signed the loan papers :|). They are medium priced, just over half what Phonak Nadias would cost me, to replace (I've had the BTE Nadias for 8 years, but last two they couldn't help me as much and I was...
  3. GrayEagle

    A Dine and Sign TV Internet Show

    Anybody seen these? Kokonut Pundit: A Dine and Sign TV Internet Show Episode 1: What's the problem with long hair? Dine & Sign Episode 1 - YouTube
  4. GrayEagle

    Deaf student picked for flight program

    Kokonut Pundit: Deaf student picked for flight program AWESOME! :)
  5. GrayEagle


    Saw this on my FB feed about captioning on the Internet... #captionTHIS - YouTube
  6. GrayEagle

    hearing aid insurance

    Wirelessly posted Bummer. Just got a letter from my hearing aid insurance...they won't insure for another year. My aids are now 8 years old, and they have insured for 7 years after the warranty year. They won't insure once the aids get that old. My audiologist warned me this might happen this...
  7. GrayEagle

    CaptionCall phones

    Anyone have one? They're fairly new. Here's a link: It's supposed to be better than the CapTel phone that I have from the state. You have to have DSL internet service as it works through the internet, although I understand I don't have...
  8. GrayEagle

    Two extra days to tax deadline :P

    Hmm...that's interesting. Extra couple of days this year... :) I remember when I was growing up and my dad did his own taxes. And I would ride with him to the post office the night of the 15th, and there would be postal workers out at curb, with mail bags to drop your taxes in, and they would...
  9. GrayEagle

    Why Won’t They Get Hearing Aids?

    Why Won't They Get Hearing Aids? - I'm not sure I like the slant of this blog article. The assumption that only technology will "save" them kind of thing. I daresay actively learning ASL will keep the gray matter going, too... :naughty: The comments are interesting as well...