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    Deaf Events in New Jersey

    Is that still an active group? I'm thinking about going this month!
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    Mine is kwopershall
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    Teaching On Glide

    I'm very new so I'm looking for people to practice with! If you're interested add me on glide! My username is kwopershall thanks!
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    Students Looking for ASL buddies

    Hi my name is Kayleene. I'm still really new with ASL so I'm looking to make friends and meet other people who sign since you can't really get better without practice. I have Skype and glide but I'd prefer glide! My username is kwopershall on glide if you wanna practice!
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    My name is Kayleene. I'm 19 and I'm from Southern California, but right now I'm going to university in New Jersey. I'm hearing and trying to teach myself ASL along with my boyfriend. I'm hoping to take the classes at my school next year, but so far I think I'm doing alright on my own. I'd love...