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    Keyboard Cleaning

    That what I do is unscrew the keyboard and the buttons out then clean them up till all done? then put them all the keys buttons back in then the keyboard back in and TA-DA!!! :)
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    I am so mad!

    Same here.. When I rent the movies and bring to my home to watch till find out no CC or Subtitles make me ARGHHHH!!!! so I watch it but sometime not watch it then later again rent movies and I look in the back to make sure if there have CC or subtitles if it yes have then bring to home and...
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    Digital Hearing Aids

    I have 2 of digital hearing aids of Oticon and it turned it out no good. When I got brand new digital hearing aids Oticon last year Sept 2007 and it was great to hear the sound till in about 6 or 7 months later turned it out no good cuz of the sound went garbling up and down the sounds so I...
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    I bought Wall-E last November 18th before it gonna be sold out lol because of the Christmas haha so I grab it and havent watch it yet but soon gonna watch it :lol:
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    Who got snow?

    Here just got start snow last November 16th but not so many just mixes with snow and rain then later 2 days ago the snow started more on the ground then yesterday no snow just few snows on the ground then right now it is snowing now.
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    My Trip to Turkey: (pictures)

    Heyy Cheri... Those pictures are looks beautiful. Did you get confused of those languages?? lol :giggle: :lol:
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    Oticon hearing aids

    I am wear hearing aids of Oticon and I do not like it cuz it annoying me the sound arent right for me :( .. Last year just bought new hearing aids and went fine till near before one year got screw up dunno why the sound went on and off back and forth make me mad went to audiology to adjust many...
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    Haunted House:

    hey! I just got home right now from niagara falls lol I went 2 different haunted house lol.. at first haunted house that was nothing scare me pfft lol then went other haunted house "Nightmares fear factory" little bit scary not tooo way scary lol not bad but it was great went there lol maybe I...
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    Super Nanny has picked a deaf couple

    I got email by one of my friend and I WILL watch that show on oct 10 cant wait to see it how they go lol :lol:
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    Haunted House:

    Is that scare you? lol :lol:
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    Haunted House:

    Oh okay lol :lol: i will go there tomorrow haha
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    Haunted House:

    LOL I doubt it I would pee in my pants lol this one I found thur from this AD so you can see the picture that what look like but that background black and white isnt no more but now it change to orange and white wallpaper now so that is what look like they got scare lol haha...
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    Haunted House:

    I'll go to Nightmares Fear Factory tomorrow lol *nervous* yikes lol but want go there and what look like lol haha it is in Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada :lol:
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    Haunted House:

    you mean that call Nightmares Fear Factory ?? lol
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    Blackberry curve 8330-media player and aim

    Okay great thanks :) mine msn and yahoo are fine that I can log in :) with no plm .. I wish like all blackberry or others put all in one aim,msn, and yahoo for free lol :D but mine blackberry doesnt have aim so I am trying to find free instead of pay lol
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    Blackberry curve 8330-media player and aim

    that link is that free like this AOL Mobile - AIM® ? trying avoid pay for it lol :lol:
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    Blackberry curve 8330-media player and aim

    as you see red fonts there that I did went to for aim and it said not support :(only support yahoo,Gtalk,msn, that is all I see it said AOL Instant Messenger for BlackBerry ICQ for Blackberry Are not compatible with your smartphone and/or supported by your wireless service...
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    Blackberry curve 8330-media player and aim

    How you do that with Curve 8330 of youtube?? mine not work it said "the media being played is of an unsupported format" and "An error has occurred attempting to play media" my blackberry curve 8330 is from telus and I look up from google that some people use telus same thing plm till they...
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    Blackberry curve 8330-media player and aim

    Hey there :) I got new blackberry cuvre 8330 but the plm that I cant get aim messenger and tried to avoid to pay like jivetalk and others pay for it so I try to avoid and it seem nothing so I ask here if anyone know where to get free aim messenger for on Blackberry curvre 8330?? I went to...
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    Do you experience your pets with Alzheimer?

    I read your story and Sorry to hear that your cat Sussi is have plm health with the tumor which cant remove :( .. It remind me of my mom's dog Ricky had HUGE! tumor which cant remove it cuz it so huge in his stomach so my mom decided put him to sleep and she still have Ricky's ash vase in her...