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  1. ohio_nut28

    New "girl" in the family :)

  2. ohio_nut28

    What Song Are You Listening To?

    You Cannot be Stopped - Laura Story
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    Caption not working

    Glad there are some techies around!!
  4. ohio_nut28

    Horse Racing

    I love horse racing. When is the Kentucky derby on in 2020?
  5. ohio_nut28

    Florida Senate Pass Bill for Deaf Symbol on Driver Licenses

    That’s so informative! Thanks for the info.
  6. ohio_nut28

    Deaf Events in Ohio?

    How do I check for Deaf events in Ohio?
  7. ohio_nut28

    Hello. New Here.

    Also, I’m NOT Deaf, but I’m learning sign language. I have tried to imagine if I was deaf many times, and I can see why you guys that are deaf have a hard time. Being Deaf isn’t a disability, I don’t think. Correct me if I’m wrong on that, lol. But you have to deal with not that many...
  8. ohio_nut28

    Hello. New Here.

    Nice to meet you too.
  9. ohio_nut28

    Hello. New Here.

    Well. I graduated HS in 2016. Then moved from NC to Ohio, where my mom’s parents live. I have a mental disability, and a week or so after I moved I was showing signs of my mental illness. So I went to the hospital, and they transferred me over to the state hospital in Athens. I was there six...
  10. ohio_nut28

    Hello. New Here.

    Hello, My name is Sarah. I’m almost 22. Looking for some Deaf friends. And also looking for a guy friendship that could turn into more. Mostly D or hoh, but can be hearing too.