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    Um, honestly, any help would be great. Learning and using the vocab consistently, and just conversational. You can glide him or skype him. His
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    @Fklezns. His glide, message him!
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    Sawutpi=glide Dream_Big9699=Sc

    Sawutpi=glide Dream_Big9699=Sc
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    Yes, why?

    Yes, why?
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    Looking for deaf friends

    Hiiii! I have glide if anyone's interested in signing!
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    Hey! hearing girl looking for friends who know asl/pse

    I'm Carolyn, I'm hh Id love to sign with you. Do you use glide?
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    My names Carolyn, I haven't been on here in a while but I'm not a stranger. :) I know there supposed be a forum for this but I couldnt find so I'm stuck with this one. Sorry! I know a lot of you hate it but I had to reach out. I am Hh and fluent in Sign. My boyfriend is hearing and because I am...
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    Hi i am hearing and i want to learn asl

    I have a kik. you can private message me and ill give it to you.
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    I have skype and glide.
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    Going deaf.

    Anyone that is interested, I use skype and I just made a glide...I haven't used yet. but I'd love to sign with/help anyone who's interested.
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    Hi, I'd help you with learning if you'd like.
  12. Dream_Big61699

    Hi i am hearing and i want to learn asl

    I'm hoh and fluent. I'd love to help you learn/ practice. Good Luck finding classes!
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    Thanks lol. Sure, id love to.

    Thanks lol. Sure, id love to.
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    Not weird at all! I'd love to help teach you!! I have a skype, and a glide if you want to talk...

    Not weird at all! I'd love to help teach you!! I have a skype, and a glide if you want to talk there.
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    Hi, looking to keep/improve my asl

    Hi! I'm Carolyn, I'm hoh and fluent. I'd love to sign with you!
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    19 years old & hoh

    Hii! I have a group on skype with a bunch of people a mixture of Hearing, Deaf, and HOH that are learning or are fluent. I've never really had many people to sign with before but ive made a lot of friends from this group and more are added every day! It's such a great way to meet people. Theres...
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    Im new here

    We get winter really bad here. Snow and freezing weather and eventually I want to travel and go all over the Us but I think the hardest part for me is when Christmas come and it really hot. that messes with me...a hot winter. I don't like it.
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    Im new here

    But that's whats so great!!! I'm always cold, when I went there it so hot and amazing. I stood outside just still feeling all the heat loving it!:)
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    Hello, new kid here

    Hii! I'm a hard of hearing teen too except...not from Florida lol.
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    Im new here

    Hi, I'm Hard of Hearing and from this tiny town in west Virginia. up until this past summer, id literally never left the tristate and I went to Texas and LOVED it there. it was amazing.