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  1. MissMegTheBaker

    On the defense?

    As a Deaf/HOH person do you constantly feel like you're on the defense or that you automatically react defensively in any social situation?
  2. MissMegTheBaker

    Newbie from Missouri

    Hey there!! I hope everyone is doing well. My name is Meg and I'm new here. I'm hearing and learning to sign. I love learning new languages, gives me a chance to have that many more friends from different cultures. I look forward to getting to know people here and maybe find a friend to sign...
  3. MissMegTheBaker

    Not deaf/Deaf or this ok?

    Hello all!! My name is Meg, and I'm actually neither deaf nor hoh. I am however learning to sign and would like to make friends that I could sign with and just get to know. I realize this is stated as a deaf and/or hoh site so if you'd rather keep it that way I'm happy to respect that and to...