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    Is ADA compliance also for customers?

    online notary cannot meet the state requirements. no?
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    285 Deaf Street Festival

    when the next ones for 2019-2020?
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    Anyone going to DeafNation?

    DeafNation is back with 4 expos this year and LV
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    Hearing partner can’t learn asl

    by mental disability, you mean what?
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    Tips for Signing up for Vocational Rehabilitation?

    be nice to the VR counselor. keep all their documents. copy them somewhere where. give them all the paperworks they wants. Tax returns too,. keep them informed. etc.
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    Software TTY App??

    I use this at work as I cannot use VP (security reasons) Sprint IP Relay Welcome to Sprint Accessibility. Sprint Accessibility offers communication products and services for customers who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, DeafBlind, .
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    Headphones for quadriplegic with hearing aids

    try the VA. he will get free service. www,va,gov
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    Interviewing Deaf Individuals

    where are you located? city, state?
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    Your opinions??

    no VRI? or google talk? Reschedule and make an appointment. ti will help if the deaf husband gave the receptionist or nurse the name of a sign language interpreting agency. I hear an interpreter who is soso left her calling card at many doctors' office in Frederick, MD.
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    should i tell my boss?

    Can you sign?
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    should i tell my boss?

    You mean Disabled Access Credit IRS Form 8826? There no tax refund money for hiring disabled workers
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    Deaf and Disabled in Politics

    focus on the economic and budget. and regulations. Not on the deaf or disability. some are policy wonk, some are politicians.
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    Gallaudet University

    go to Gallaudet. living there for a year will make you fluent!
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    Attending to Gallaudet, where to live?

    well Gallaudet required freshmen to live in the dorm. no pet allowed except for service dogs I suggest you give the pet rabbits to a friend and concentrate on your studies and social life.. Used to be VR will pay for off campus apt. now none will pay.
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    Trust Purple / Z VRS?

    Purple paid 18 millions fine to the FCc, twice! Sorenson have their own network. ZVRS/Purple has to rent a server to use their service, no??
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    What's Your Biggest Frustration in the Tech World?

    software developers and hardware developers should understand us more.