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  1. JuLoVe84

    Facebook Deaf / Hearing Group

    Hello this is Juliet. I am hard of hearing. I am looking forward to make any new friends. So I have two of groups there is two of called, “ deaf & hearing for only girls" at and "facebook deaf" at on...
  2. JuLoVe84

    I'm looking for any real friends

    Hi this is Juliet. I'm from New York. I'm hard of hearing and 27 years old. I would like to make any real good friends. Please feel free contact me anytime if you are interested. Have an great weekend! :)
  3. JuLoVe84

    Hello :)

    Hey, this is Juliet. I would like to make a new friends who could be friendly, nice respect, funny and sweet person. I am from new york and hard of hearing. You can talk to me anything to share with me if you would like to . Hope to hear from you soon! :) ~Juliet
  4. JuLoVe84

    it has been so long

    hey this is juliet. i wanted you all to know that i haven't been on here for long time. so i finally back here again. but actually i have had been struggle to get sign onto my account a few times until i got another new account ugh lol. so i would like to make a new friends who makes me keep...