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  1. cherry

    Program helps deaf students in Great Falls

    For over 20 years the Montana School for the Deaf and the Blind and Lewis and Clark Elementary School have been conducting a special program as MSDB students prepare for the future by attending a few classes at Lewis and Clark. Every afternoon four kindergartners are brought to Lewis & Clark...
  2. cherry

    What Do You Want From A Woman?

    I would like to hear and them to hear from you men. Keep this open and share with us. :ty:
  3. cherry

    Happy birthday to all of you!

    Happy birthday to Shawna73, Tenshi-Hime, huggablebear and stacey! Enjoy your day!:birthday::birthday::birthday:
  4. cherry

    Hey y'all wanna know about dating/romance/ relationship/friends :o)

    I like to chattin' with anyone who interesting in me and need someone make me feel more comfortable/open minded/Trustworthy.. Welcome anytime if ur wish to email or message to contact with me.. Winkz... T'care and Talk u sooner!! :o)
  5. cherry

    New Deaf Film: The Association

    A trailer for the forthcoming film The Association is now available online The film is a follow on from Text Batteries and Earwax, following the adventures of of Steve and Lenny. It has been described as "an affectionate poke at life in a deaf charity". Produced & Directed by Jonathan Reid...
  6. cherry

    How Do We Can All Christian Get Along??

    I was wondering the different between Mainstream and Traditional or Liberal Christian in relationships in four different need in relationship 1. Physical needs 2. Mental needs 3. Emotional needs. 4. Spiritual needs basis we need all or take one of the othes in building it up...? How you feel...
  7. cherry

    Care home evacuated as fire breaks out

    Nine deaf and disabled people were rescued from a fire at their care home. Firemen had to carry four people from their rooms because they were unable to walk. The rest were led to safety as smoke filled the three-storey detached building in Wilbury Gardens, Hove. advertisement The...
  8. cherry

    How to make a personal signature in this forum?

    I find most members in this forum have nice signatures. I want to own one, but didn't find a way to add it. :stupid: Who can help me? Thanks. :bowdown:
  9. cherry

    I like deaf news

    News deaf and hard of hearing in the world. Check it out! The best site for voting on and posting deaf and hard of hearing news :eek3: