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  1. Sophia26

    [Sale] Deaf Chick Handmade Soap

    Deaf Chick specializes in bath and beauty products such as lip balm and soap. The fragrance oils and essential oils chosen are top quality. Treat yourself to a wonderful beauty experience. Here are a few examples: Fresh Strawberry $3.50 (Shea Butter Soap) Rich Ripened Fresh...
  2. Sophia26

    Headphones/Loop Systems for music

    Anyone know of a Loop System such as "Freedom Mach" for cell phones that can be use for Cd Players or mp3 players? If not, any recommendations for Headphones? Thanks in advance.
  3. Sophia26


    I would like to have a Memories Page where the most common questions ask on the form are saved and referenced. That way people can just look there for the answer. Also, Have a form called "The Best of AllDeaf" which has the most funniest, serious, mind-numbing, crazy, insane posts of all...
  4. Sophia26

    Population number

    Can anyone tell me what is the percentage of Deaf People living in Washington D.C. and in New York? Is it over 50% or just below that?
  5. Sophia26


    Anyone here from Maryland? I want to apply for VR when I get back to MD however I don't know if they will consider me since I will be a college graduate. Can anyone direct me to the right place?
  6. Sophia26

    VHS/DVD Items for Sale

    Long time no see... Yeah, I'm moving back to Maryland and I need to get these items out. I need the extra cash for bus fare to the airport. I accept only Paypal. Shipping is included in price. VHS Tapes in Great Excellent Condition. $25.50 for the whole thing. If you want them...
  7. Sophia26

    Need Help.

    Anyone in the Los Angeles area or knows someone who lives in the LA area; I'm looking for three people (one Female, two Males) to cast in my new student film. This film will be sign in ASL and am looking desperatly. Shooting is to start next Month. Please help! Thanks.
  8. Sophia26

    Books and other items for sale.

    Items for Sale Books in good condition with some wear and tear. I accept Money Order and Cash (AYOR). All items will be send by media mail. S/H included in price. Paperback: Alien 3 $0.50 Paint Her Face Dead $0.50 Advanced Sex Tips for Girls $2.00 Bridget Jones Diary $2.00...
  9. Sophia26

    Teaching ASL

    Can anyone direct me to a resource where I can download ASL alphabet and grammarical phrases and such? I'm teaching a fellow students ASL.
  10. Sophia26

    Casting: "The Greenbelt Project"

    The Greenbelt Project": a student short about a deaf young girl and boy who are the first to undergo a horrific procedure that makes them hearing. Adam Hattler, a hearing boy whose mother Dr. Hattler who founded the procedure that make deaf people hearing has an ulterior motive. Adam who was...
  11. Sophia26

    Casting Call - Los Angles, CA

    Casting "The Vagina Monologues" for a Stage Directing Class. Must be familiar with the monologue "My Angry Vagina"; will perform this piece in front of a class, so must be comfortable. Two Females; one will be performing and one will do voiceover. Must know and understand American Sign...
  12. Sophia26

    The Power of the breasts

    Today, it's hot as hell in L.A. and I'm wearing a V cut purple tank top. The three "stooges" (one of them is the guy that I ask out before) as I like the to call them are circling around me like hawks. I guess they think that fat girls are too ashamed of their body to wear something like this...
  13. Sophia26

    Deaf Women Sterotypes

    I was just informed by a classmate that the perception of Deaf Women is that they are better in bed than Hearing Women. I was totally offended by this but then actually ponder for a moment. You mean to tell me that all the guys at my school are fantasizing about having sex with me and...
  14. Sophia26

    Why do fools play games?

    I am sick and tired of making a fool of myself for guys. Case in point: For the past two weeks at school, I've notice that a guy name S* has been noticing me. I haven't been paying any attention until lately he's been showing up every place that I'm in; even his friend has been telling him if...
  15. Sophia26

    Graduate and Law

    Does anyone here go to either Graduate School or Law School? I was thinking about going to both but I prefer to go at the same time. I don't know if that is even remotely possible.
  16. Sophia26

    New Hearing Aid Mold

    For those of you who live in the Valley area of L.A, can you recommend a HA provider that has afforable prices for a HA mold? I went to the one across the street from CSUN and they're charging $79 dollars for a new ear mold. I don't know if it is the inflation or if it always been like...
  17. Sophia26

    ASL Pamplet

    Can anyone direct me to a site where I can download an ASL pamplet or usuage? I am planning on teaching one of my friends here ASL.
  18. Sophia26

    ? for guys and gals

    Here's my Dilemma: In july, I like this guy at school and I'd decided to ask him out. He told me that he would definitely think about it and that he was in a relationship with someone; which means that I had no chance with him. Lately, I've notice some strange behavior from him and not...
  19. Sophia26


    I didn't know which thread to post this under anyway, I was wondering if anyone applied for VR in their state? Can anyone tell me what they can do for you; such as benefits or assistants and such. I was recently laid off and I was thinking about going to my local branch and applying for VR...
  20. Sophia26


    Hello, My name is Sophia and I'm currently living in Los Angeles. Hope to make some friends and enemies around here.